You Might Be a Supervisor if....

Discussion in 'Lighten UPS' started by soberups, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. soberups

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    You might be a supervisor if....
    *Your children learn to count by singing the "10 point commentary song"
    *You buy your wife a $25,000 minivan and save $600 by deleting the power steering
    *your sex life involves a clipboard, a stopwatch, and a "methods checklist"
    *you name your kids EDD, PAL and IVIS
    *your family opens their presents around the Peak Season tree
    *you expect your wife to follow the trace that you wrote for her to use in the grocery store
    *your entire family can recite the HABITS acronym
    *guests in your home are offered Sales Leads to take with them when they leave
    *when your child wants to stay up late you say "sorry honey, its past your commit time"
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    Those are pretty good soberups!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Welcome to browncafe!!!
  4. trplnkl

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    Utilizing only right hand turns with the shopping cart.
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    I think someone has a bit too much time on his hands, although it was funny.
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    Im sitting here right now organizing my way to the right, for my weekend, sad part is it is true:greedy:
  7. Harley Rider

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    Thats funny.......... don't care who ya are!

    Thanks for the laugh this morning.
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    That was really good, but I must defend our supervisers (at least mine) for a minute here. They only do those things because their job and livelyhood depend on it. The are instructed from the Ivory Tower to behave that way. Its THEIR job.

    So, I think your post would be more accurate if you replaced "Superviser" with, say, Corporate Managers. I'm sure there are some sups. that bleed brown and like to sniff cardboard, but the majority I have dealt with are like many of our drivers. They are fed up with the BS and unattainable production standards.


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    *you OJS the grocery store bagger to use the minimum amount of bags

    *you tell your daughter to call if she's gonna be over 9.5 on her date

    *you're neighbor is overdispatched with leaves so you force your son to take some work off to keep him under
  10. Harley Rider

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    Agreed BH.

    Thats one reason I decided against going into management almost 20 years ago now. Only step I had left was my final talk to the District Manager. I had already been told where they were transferring me to. I saw the writing on the wall. Knowing I was not a "yes man" and hate attending meetings, I knew my employment with UPS would be a short one if I took the plunge so I opted out two days before my meeting. I think most supervision candidates go in with their eyes wide open to the obvious. If not, they aren't looking very hard.
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    <sigh> Me too. I always set up my weekend stops so they come off quickly.

    Great post, Soberups!

    (I am having this deja vu feeling like we've been here before)
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    -you have your wife make all right turns on the way to the supermarket.

    -you put your dog to sleep for having an "unavoidable accident" on the floor.

    -you tell your wife that the only reason it was over so fast was that two minutes was all that the time study gave you to finish.

    -you ground your kids for taking a 46 minute lunch or too many bathroom breaks.

    -six months after you started your new job, you needed a mirror to see if your shoes were tied.
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    lol, Tony31yrs! Those IE guys have a weird sense of humor!!:happy-very:
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    Re: You Might Be a TEAMSTER if....

    Your wife refuses to operate the family minivan because she discovered a bald tire during her pre-trip............

    ....and then grieves you because you drove it to the garage to get it fixed!
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    Re: You Might Be a TEAMSTER if....

  16. outamyway

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    Re: You Might Be a TEAMSTER if....

    .......if, you boink a driver, are forced to resign, marry her, even though she's boinking another driver.
    .......if, you don't know who's kid it will be.
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    Re: You Might Be a TEAMSTER if.... did the title change from supervisor to Teamster on some of these posts????
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    Re: You Might Be a Moderator if....

    I think I figured that one out. Just change the wording in the Title before you go down to post.........
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    It should go back to the default title in the next post.
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