Your flowers are late, across the Midwest.

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  2. watdaflock?

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    "Near impossible" travel conditions were reported across parts of North Dakota Wednesday morning, according to the National Weather Service as blizzard conditions produced near zero visibility and shut down a stretch of Interstate 29 from Fargo to the Canadian border.

    The North Dakota Highway Patrol said plows were unable to clear the roads due to the limited visibility. In some cases, vehicles lost sight of the road and had driven into a ditch along I-29.

  3. watdaflock?

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    "Your flowers are late"

    As in Friday is Valentines day.
  4. OrioN

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    ah, no wonder why we're kinda light for this week...usually get slammed with perishables and flowers by now.

    title misleading when i saw the map of the north east as well

    white gold for UPS and FXE; bend ova for FXG
  5. Richard Harrow

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    Just keep the runways clear in Louisville.
  6. Jackburton

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    If only they sold flowers in stores, Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be ruined by UPS.
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  7. OrioN

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    local grocery stores sell them at comparable prices... no worries; we're all going to be out there on Saturday to be delivering late flowers/chocolates/ sex toys/ lingere/ etc...
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  8. Wally

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    The road is clear! Get moving!
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  9. MECH-lift

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  10. Re-Raise

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    It’s like foreplay... I may deliver to you Thursday, maybe Friday, but more likely Monday!
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  11. iruhnman630

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  12. Operational needs

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    Even Walgreens and 7-11 sell flowers!
  13. Indecisi0n

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    Love me some sex toys
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  14. rod

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    I heard you are a sex toy.
  15. Poop Head

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    Gas station flowers. Hell yeah!!