Zawahari meets Alah?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by av8torntn, Aug 3, 2008.

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    I know the opinions differ as to whether he's dead or not but I sure hope like hell he's got his 70 virgins.

    All of them young muslim boys and Clay Akin!


    Go to Youtube and see Achmed the Dead Terrorist to understand that little diddy!
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    Yeah, I'd seen a similar story elsewhere.

    Earlier in the week when CBS News reported that Zawahari may be badly injuried or dead, gov't officials took a very cautious position in response and there was debate as to how accurate the CBS report was. As great as it would be, I think those in gov't, probably military are taking a wise course in not jumping the gun to quick.

    BTW: Did you see the story on Dubai in the United Arab Emirates on 60 Minutes earlier tonight? You can bet good money that these arabs want bin Laden and Zawahari put down and put down quick after you watch that piece.
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    I'm not sure I can count as high as the number of reports over the years that have said he had been killed. I kind of posted this cause I thought there would be some backlash from the we are not doing anything on the Afghan/Pakistan border crowd or the we don't have any UAV's in Afghanistan cause they are all in Iraq crowd. I know many will not agree but I think it will be a better day when he dies than the day Osama goes.
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    I often wonder whether Osama is actually alive or dead?
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    WWRD...What would Reagan do...I wonder what Reagan would have done? It seems like he was proactive with enemies abroad. Would he have taken out Sadam in desert storm? Would he have been targeting Bin Laden in the 90's? What would he do with Iran today? And just what happened to Momar Kadafi? I remember rumors of a reinstatement of the draft because of Kadafi.
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    The hundred million dollar question.
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    I wonder how someone with his health problems could have possibly lived the rugged life he would have had to live in that region of the world.
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    I wonder how someone like him survived the carnage at tora bora.
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