UPS Plan to Tweak Peak Prices May Echo Uber-Like Fare Surges – Bloomberg

Getting the latest iPad delivered to your home next holiday season may cost more if United Parcel Service Inc. imposes surge pricing akin to car-booking company Uber Technologies Inc., which hikes fares as demand soars.

UPS will “implement new pricing strategies during peak season,” David Abney, chief executive officer of the world’s biggest package delivery company said today. After hiring 95,000 seasonal workers to address demand spikes, the Atlanta-based company found it had more workers than package volume on some days during the recent shopping period.

Three UPS trucks damaged in fire – Brainerd Dispatch

Three Brainerd United Parcel Service (UPS) delivery trucks were damaged by smoke and fire just before midnight Wednesday.

Nineteen firefighters responded to the call and a firefighter stayed on scene until 10:30 a.m. Thursday to secure the scene.

Brainerd Fire Chief Kevin Stunek could not comment on any of the details of the incident, but said the Minnesota state fire marshal, along with the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) are investigating.

UPS truck loaded with packages bound for Mass. crashes in Pa. – WCVB

A UPS truck with packages bound for Massachusetts crashed in Pennsylvania Friday, scattering them across a highway.

WNEP reported that a car lost control on an on-ramp on Interstate 80 near Milton and crashed into the UPS truck.

The truck then went out of control and crashed, scattering around 1,000 packages over a bridge and onto railroad tracks below.

UPS slammed by a different holiday season mess-up – Fortune

UPS cuts its profit forecast, blaming the cost of extra measures it took to ensure deliveries were on time during the 2014 holiday season, and hinted it would start charging retailers more.

While total package volume for the holiday season came in as expected for UPS, that was largely because of the surges on Cyber Monday, the biggest e-commerce day of the year, and Dec. 22, typically the peak day for UPS because of retailers’ cutoffs for guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve. Demand for the other 59 days of the holiday season came in below UPS expectations, meaning a lot of that extra holiday muscle went unused.

UPS Falls as Peak Season Costs Crimp Annual Profit, 2015 Outlook – Bloomberg

United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) fell the most in more than six years after it said 2014 earnings were below prior forecasts as an overexpanded program to handle a deluge of holiday shipments left its network underutilized on some other days.

“UPS invested heavily to ensure we would provide excellent service during peak when deliveries more than double,” said David Abney, UPS chief executive officer. “Though customers enjoyed high quality service, it came at a cost to UPS. Going forward, we will reduce operating costs and implement new pricing strategies during peak season.”