UPS CEO: Unplanned holiday surge could cost retailers – Reuters

United Parcel Service Inc’s chief executive officer said on Monday the company’s closer collaboration with major retailers should bring a smooth holiday season, but he said UPS would charge customers more or even refuse packages if last-minute sales by a major customer threaten the company’s system.

“With the changes we’ve made, I feel very comfortable about peak (season) this year,” David Abney told Reuters in an interview at UPS headquarters in Atlanta.

UPS Adds Three “Next Generation” Training Centers

Additional UPS Integrad learning sites accelerate driver and management training across the U.S.

UPS® (NYSE: UPS) today announced the addition of three new UPS Integrad™ driver training locations in Dallas, Phoenix, and Portland, Ore. There are currently UPS Integrad locations in Franklin Park, Ill., and Landover, Md.

UPS Integrad training centers provide drivers with experiential training, modeled on the philosophy of “teach me, show me, let me.” Drivers learn the UPS driving and service methods, are shown how the methods work, and then practice them in a realistic, hands-on fashion.

Behind Closed Doors, Ford, UPS, and Visa Push for Net Neutrality – Bloomberg

The corporate battle lines over the new federal rules for the Internet have been well established. Vocal technology startups have been leading the charge for muscular regulations for broadband access, and Internet service providers including Comcast and Verizon have been arguing loudly for more flexibility. Blue chip companies without obvious tech interests have kept a lower profile.

But a corporate alliance with subtle interests in this fight has been quietly pushing the Federal Communications Commission for strict broadband rules. In a series of meetings this year attended by representatives from Ford Motor, Visa, United Parcel Service, and Bank of America, participants urged FCC commissioners to reclassify broadband service under Title II, according to documents filed with the FCC.

UPS Applauds Breakthrough on the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

Quick action on implementation needed to facilitate global commerce and support economic growth

UPS®, a global logistics provider and leading advocate for global trade, welcomes the news of a breakthrough agreement to resolve differences between the United States and India. The accord ultimately allow the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement to be implemented, making it easier and less expensive to move goods across borders.

UPS gears up for expanded regional traffic –

United Parcel Service Inc, the world’s largest package delivery company, has vowed more money and resources to improve the carriage of high-tech and high-end consumer products between China and other APEC economies over the next three years.

David Abney, the company’s CEO, said that as Chinese companies continue to emerge as serious global high-tech manufacturers, the US-based company plans to offer more service options to help companies better serve their customers across the region.

UPS owns and operates two major hubs in the country.