119,000 Passports and Photo IDs of FedEx Customers Found on Unsecured Amazon Server – Gizmodo

Thousands of FedEx customers were exposed after the company left scanned passports, drivers licenses, and other documentation on a publicly accessible Amazon S3 server.

The scanned IDs originated from countries all over the world, including the United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, and several European countries. The IDs were attached to forms that included several pieces of personal information, including names, home addresses, phone numbers, and zip codes.

The server, discovered by researchers at the Kromtech Security Center, was secured as of Tuesday.

Why the Teamsters and UPS negotiations are different this time – Louisville Business First

Labor disputes that normally are kept quiet during negotiations are seeing the light of day.

The Teamsters union and United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE: UPS) are in the midst of negotiating a new national master contract, which will cover about 250,000 workers. Normally, a negotiation such as this one takes place behind closed doors, but this time around news is getting out.

Multiple news sources have reported that Teamsters want UPS to eliminate late-night deliveries, increase job security, create new full-time jobs and offer raises to employees.

A single dad walked 11 miles to work every day – until his co-workers found out – WTVR

But his co-workers at a UPS facility in Little Rock, Arkansas, found out. And last week, they decided to make things right.

They asked Lewis to come to a brief union meeting.

When he showed up, his stoic face gave way to disbelief and then a grateful smile as his coworkers handed him keys to a new car.

“I was emotionally moved. My heart just fell,” the young worker recalled.