UPS truck entangled in live wires, 2 lanes on 118 freeway shut – Los Angeles Daily News

A UPS truck got entangled with downed high voltage wires on Saturday morning, and the driver was told to stay in the truck until power was shut down, the Los Angeles Fire Department reported.

Firefighters responded to the 14000 block of W. Chatsworth St. in Mission Hills where the incident occurred, said Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Wall. The CHP shut down two lanes on the eastbound Ronald Reagan (118) Freeway near the scene, he said.

Muskogee UPS driver placed testicles on package, sent text laughing about it – Muskogee Now

A Muskogee UPS driver, whose name we are withholding pending action from UPS, who was delivering a package to a food service business in Muskogee is under investigation from the package delivery service after photos surfaced of him placing his testicles on the package.

“Obviously, that is horrifying,” the owner of the business said when contacted about the incident this week. “Why would someone do that?”

Meanwhile, UPS is echoing similar sentiments.

Teamsters Union Faces Revolt From Members Over UPS Contracts – Huffpost

Local unions in Pennsylvania say their national leaders seek to implement an agreement they voted down.

When UPS workers in western Pennsylvania held a vote on their new collective bargaining agreement earlier this year, 96 percent of them voted against it and told their union, the Teamsters, to go back to the bargaining table to get a better deal.

But it appears union leadership plans to implement the contract anyway.

“Everybody’s outraged,” said Gary Piso, a UPS driver in Pittsburgh and trustee for his local, which is one of nine Teamsters affiliates covered by the contract in Pennsylvania.

UPS vs. FedEx: What’s the Difference? – Investopedia

UPS vs. FedEx: An Overview

United Parcel Service, Inc. and FedEx Corp. are two leading delivery services companies and main competitors to each other, at least in the public eye. But to those following them closely, the two companies are actually quite different in their business models and strategies. While UPS is widely known for its domestic ground package delivery, FedEx is mostly recognized for its worldwide air express freight. The two companies also differ in terms of their approaches to serving customers, how they have fared in the e-commerce environment, and the different business structures unique to each company.

Package delivery and express service are where the two companies have made names for themselves. Although each company has other delivery services that make everything they do seemingly overlap, such as UPS also being a common carrier in air freight and FedEx having a similar package delivery unit called FedEx Ground, the reality is UPS’ ground package business and FedEx’s air express operation are, respectively, the bread and butter for each company.