Delivery Robots Ready to Satisfy the On-Demand Economy – Robotics Business Review

LAS VEGAS — 2016 was a good year for all three panelists at the “Delivery Robots Knocking at Your Door” session at the Consumer Electronics Show here this month. Each innovator in the first session of the Robotics Conference at CES 2017 has taken a different route to delivery robots, but their technologies and markets are maturing fast.

Starship Technologies is testing its ground-delivery robots in nearly 60 cities worldwide, Savioke’s room-service robots are in 50 hotels, and CyPhy Works is conducting tests of aerial drone deliveries with United Parcel Service Inc.

How did the founders of these companies assess their prospective user base, and what can we expect from delivery robots this year?

The UPS Store Introduces On-Demand Delivery Service For Online Print Products

Print on Demand is a new service in collaboration with Deliv, Inc. that delivers online print orders to customers’ doorsteps within an hour*

The UPS Store today launched its “Print on Demand” pilot program that enables customers to receive on-demand delivery service for select print products – everything from business cards and presentations to flyers and brochures. To facilitate delivery, The UPS Store is collaborating with Deliv, a leading same-day delivery company that will provide a web-based solution to schedule and fulfill deliveries. The one-hour* print delivery service is the first of its kind and is available now at more than 180 The UPS Store locations in Chicago and Dallas.

The Benefits of Boring: Investing in Parcel Delivery – Guru Focus

UPS and FedEx are ideal opportunities for long-term investors

To begin with, United Parcel Service (NYSE:UPS) is an extremely boring transportation and logistics company that gets a little news time during the holiday season and then once again vanishes into the background. That being said, the transportation industry, which has been around for centuries, is more relevant today than ever, and the segment’s best years are yet to come as the world’s trade is taken over by e-commerce.

UPS Acquires Freightex Ltd. To Accelerate Expansion Of U.K. And European Truckload Brokerage Business

Transaction Highlights

  • Immediately establishes UPS truckload brokerage presence in the U.K. and Europe with a proven customer and carrier network
  • Speeds UPS truckload brokerage business entry into U.K. and European markets versus growing organically
  • Freightex to gain access to Coyote technology, building further efficiency and automation into its complementary business model

United Parcel Service Vs. FedEx: One Company Is Hands Down The Better Choice – Seeking Alpha


  • Both FedEx and United Parcel Service have done right for investors over the past 15 years.
  • More importantly both companies have strong long-term growth runways that make them attractive dividend growth investments.
    BUT at a fundamental level, UPS is hands down the superior company.
  • On the other hand, FedEx is the superior growth story and has a lot of low-hanging fruit when it comes to improving its operations.
  • At the current share prices, however, UPS holds the edge UNLESS you have a VERY long time horizon.