Business Rivals Agree on Policy – Longitudes

Simplify taxes, invest in transport infrastructure and expand international trade while keeping it fair.

At a time when the U.S. needs unity and bold reforms, American businesses must be partners in building the future.

While the business community has diverse interests, every company should agree on basic policy priorities if we want to be globally competitive. That’s why we are speaking out together — two fierce competitors, UPS and FedEx, who battle daily in the global marketplace but stand shoulder to shoulder on the need to make government policies more equitable, growth-oriented and simple.

The U.S. is at an inflection point as we experience an explosion of technological innovation and urban population growth. But we are not seizing the opportunity to grow our economy fast enough.

Naughty or Nice? A Very UPS Christmas – Barrons

Credit Suisse warns that a new holiday-shipping surcharge UPS plans to impose on retailers may not be enough to offset other headwinds curtailing earnings growth.

Back in June, United Parcel Service (UPS) announced that retailers using its services to ship packages during the busiest weeks of the Christmas shopping season will have to pay a surcharge. Today, Credit Suisse analysts Allison Landry and Anuj Shah predicted that those extra fees could add 10 cents a share to the shipping company’s fourth quarter earnings compared to last year.

That boost accounts for roughly 6% of the $1.65 a share the pair see UPS earning in the fourth quarter. But Landry and Shah still rate UPS at a Neutral with a $108 price target, suggesting that the stock could inch 4.6% lower by this time next year. Why?