UPS sues operators of ‘United Pot Smokers’ for TM infringement – World Intellectual Property Review

United Parcel Service (UPS) is suing the operators of a self-described ‘non-profit’ medical marijuana collective, “United Pot Smokers”, for infringing its trademarks.

In the complaint, filed February 13 in the US District Court for the Central District of California, UPS accused the defendants of copying the delivery service’s ‘UPS’ (US number 966,774) and ‘UPS shield’ (numbers 2,868,000 and 2,867,999) marks without permission.

According to the filing, the defendants operated a number of websites, including and, which purported to sell cannabis for medicinal use.

UPS CEO David Abney reveals why the logistics giant hasn’t pushed into one of delivery’s fastest-growing sectors – Business Insider

  • UPS hasn’t moved into one of the fastest-growing sectors of e-commerce — at-home furniture deliveries.
  • UPS CEO David Abney told Business Insider that part of the reason is because UPS’ small package unit is not equipped to process large packages.
  • “They want something that fits on a conveyer belt,” an analyst told Business Insider of UPS’ strategy.

Online orders of furniture was estimated to grow by 18.2% in 2018. That industry — powered by folks who are now comfortable ordering their couches, mattresses, and other furnishings through the internet — is now worth an estimated $50.32 billion.

Parcel Pro Launches Partnership With MJSA

  • High-value shipments get end-to-end protection through Parcel Pro solutions
  • Secure shipping meeting demand of luxury online sales

Parcel Pro, a UPS Capital company, today announced a partnership with Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA) that provides MJSA Premier Members access to innovative technology and insured shipping at a time when the industry is experiencing rapid e-commerce growth.

Online sales of luxury goods continue to flourish with growth of 24% in 2017. According to the 2018 Luxury E-commerce Report, six out of 10 of the fastest growing luxury websites surveyed were jewelry and watch companies. Jewelry represented 13.4% of the 130 companies’ online sales.

UPS driver escapes from dogs who just wanted to say hi – Fox 10

UPS drivers deliver things to people’s homes all day long, and many of these deliveries are standard. Occasionally, however, these drivers come into contact with some pretty strange things, and a lot of times, it’s man’s furry friends.

That was the case for one driver in the San Tan Valley area on Thursday. One delivery driver was dropping off some Valentine’s Day treats to one woman, when her rather large dogs got loose. The woman’s dogs are very friendly, but for an unsuspecting driver, it was quite the scare.

“They wanted to give him some Valentine’s love,” said Tanya Otto.