Nixon's Treason

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by 804brown, Mar 19, 2013.

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    Interesting read. Those tapes have been a window into events as they happened and I wonder if they should not be required of all sitting Presidents. Couple of years ago another series of tapes were released by the Johnson Library in which McNamara's admission in "The Fog of War" was confirmed that the events of the Gulf of Tonkin which were the basis for the Vietnam War never happened.

    IMO this article proves a clear case of 2 leaders of 2 different parties willing to kill Americans over a lie. Seems to me both are guilty of treason.
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    Going after dead people?
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    That's the way it is with declassified stuff dealing with presidents. This stuff gets declassified so long after the fact that the presidents involved are dead by the time it comes to light.
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    There's stuff coming out about Hillary now........people should be dealing with it now before she maybe runs for president.

    There are no "do-overs" dealing with dead people. Take care of the snakey live ones!!
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    No different than Bush Jr and Obama.
    We are all pawns.
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    No argument from me. Just read this latest from Glenn Greenwald and it seems to prove your point.