delivery driver

  1. Roman0826

    Application pending a review of ups work history

    Hey I’m a newbie to BrownCafe and would appreciate any help anyone can offer me. I am a previous seasonal Ups Delivery driver and worked in the Bay Area. I never had any problems and even impressed my supervisor with how much I had progressed in such a little amount of time. Anyhow to my million...
  2. cheryl

    Staats enjoys life as UPS delivery driver, musician

    Staats enjoys life as UPS delivery driver, musician - News and Sentinel For many years, Johnny Staats has worked for UPS during the weekdays and played the mandolin at shows on the weekends. Staats of Jackson County intends to keep this same schedule — at least until he retires in a few years...
  3. P

    Did the driver progression change?

    SIAP. Haven't started driving yet but my position has changed so I start soon. Why does it seem like top rate is after 2 years. This is on upsers under contract impact statement.
  4. J

    Maryland (Lanham) package delivery driver

    Applied for a direct hire for package delivery driver off the website and have a scheduled interview for next week. Are they most likely hiring full time or part time? Some have said they will not hire anyone off the street as a direct to driver; is this true? Any other words of advice would...