Staats enjoys life as UPS delivery driver, musician

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    Staats enjoys life as UPS delivery driver, musician - News and Sentinel

    For many years, Johnny Staats has worked for UPS during the weekdays and played the mandolin at shows on the weekends.

    Staats of Jackson County intends to keep this same schedule — at least until he retires in a few years.

    Staats, a well-known musician across the country, started working for United Parcel Service, or UPS, on June 15, 1988 as a package sorter at the company’s Customer Center on Gihon Road in Parkersburg. He graduated from Ripley High School in 1987.

    Staats worked as a sorter for 10 years before becoming a UPS delivery driver when a route position became available.
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    I'm also a touring musician on the weekends. Does UPS ever have a problem with you not making weekends?