SIAP. Haven't started driving yet but my position has changed so I start soon. Why does it seem like top rate is after 2 years. This is on upsers under contract impact statement.


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The last 3 years are the top rate for a full time driver. If you got a full time package car driver job, then it is a 4 year progression. The only one of those years that has a correct starting wage is year 5. You would start at 21 with yearly raises to 23/24/28.75/top rate.


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Mine says the same except I'm at 19.50 right now. So replace where yours says 18.75 with mine and it matches from then on. I'm almost 2 years in. What region/state are you in?


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Lucky you. When I try to do the Contract Impact Statement it says AM Sort @ $11/hr but I've never worked that.

Street hire 'FT Driver' but it turns out it's PT Cover Driver and 'mandatory' local sort when not driving. Just scraping by on bills cause I can't hold a FT job being on-call every day and required to work PT at 5:30.