1. sleepnowinfire

    The belt with. ..

    never-ending misorts... the trailers that take the in city delivery packages never seems to fail at giving misorts. 1 out of every six is a misort, 1 out of 10 is an intercept.
  2. O

    What happens when you load a package on wrong trailer going to the same destination as right one?

    So let me explain this. I'm a package handler. On my belt I was loading a trailer as usual. I accidentally logged out and had to rescan the trailer. I found out too late that the trailer was of the wrong number due to being called in. Ended up loading 50 packages on the trailer, yet both the...
  3. Rick Ross

    Fatality at PLEGA (Pleasantdale Hub) - RIP

    Police: UPS worker killed in loading dock accident
  4. tourists24

    I feel so dirty..... I made an Amazon order..... and now it's on its way for my center

    Ewwwww..... One more stop now because of me..... I'm sorry.....
  5. N

    Christmas Eve Pay

    I am a helper and have been a helper on 3 separate peaks. I have never missed a shift and I love the job, if there was a full-time helper position I'd be in there like swimwear. My HUB is saying the week before Christmas will be a 7 day work week and drivers will make triple pay on Christmas...
  6. B


    I was wondering if management does not care for a person for personal reasons what are some loop holes that they can use to get him fired even though he comes in on time and does his job?
  7. B

    Can ups fire me if I accidentally leave a trailer door open as it leaves the bay door? - On topic

    Can ups fire me if I accidentally leave a trailer door open as it leaves the bay door?
  8. K

    Tdp vs Feeder run

    I'm curious why (what should be a newly acquired feeder run) would then get a bid posted in our center as a TDP/Package car job. We've never had TDP jobs in our center yet they've been cutting Feeder runs left & right? Why would they not assign this new business to Feeders?
  9. 104Feeder

    Ask a Feeder Driver, Feeder Driver FAQ

    Since we don't have our own section I thought I would post this for anyone with Feeder questions. What's our schedule like? What did it take to qualify? Why do we get so fat? How do we stay awake on the road? What does the Dispatcher do? What do the On-roads do? Why does the Company...