1. PTPunchingBag

    What is the Twilight shift like?

    My building is too small for a twilight shift. We only have preload and the metro. Is the twilight shift similar to the metro? Loading trailers, filling bags etc.?
  2. J

    UPS secaucus precharge late

    So I was recently fired from ups because they said I have over 100 lates. This is the thing they kept marking people late when they wasn’t there for precharge. They now recently changed it to only Primary and Building. They found a great loophole, it use to be Precharge Small and Building. Now...
  3. U

    Is every shift set up the same way?

    I currently work in small sort (sunrise shift) and was asked to work twilight whenever I have some free time. So I just want to know if it would be like my normal shift in smalls or would I probably be doing other things?