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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by JG3, Feb 7, 2019.

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    So I was recently fired from ups because they said I have over 100 lates. This is the thing they kept marking people late when they wasn’t there for precharge. They now recently changed it to only Primary and Building. They found a great loophole, it use to be Precharge Small and Building. Now they never ever told their employees what the “real” start time was. How do you expect your workers to come on time when the management keeps making up their own rules and not going by the union book. Employees are never going to believe management, if the management got a union rep with them and talk to all the employees one on one and told them hey this is the time you have to come by. I worked their 11 plus years back then we only had one start time only. This new start times just happen like two years ago but they never marked you late.
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    Is english your first language? I cannot make any sense of that.
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    Sounds legit. You should have been fired way before that.
    What the :censored2: is "precharge"?
    Is that PCM?
    Evidently they do and did.
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    Did they fire everyone, or just you?
  7. Precharge is when you have a few people come in early and load the system up with packages, so when the rest if the crew comes in they aren't waiting for work.
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    I’ll be there at 5... meet in in the bagel lot.
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    Did you receive progressive discipline?
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    Evidently this goof was making everyone wait around, because the OP couldn't show up on time
  11. Being on time is very important at this job.
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    If they don't write you up for being late, within 14 days, then it will not be considered, 2 absences in 6 rolling months here is a warning letter, 3,4,5,6 lead up to discharge.
    So if they say you had "100 lates" then the first thing to do is assure them that 90 of them should not be discussed since you were not given proper notice. Then the last 14 days of lates can be individually discredited through failures to follow the applicable articles on posted start time, non-operable or unnecessarily slow-to-operate timecard systems or their inability to produce your electronic timecard.
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    Are you aware of the union?
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    Yup, and it's also the easiest part of the job.
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  15. And we have the same people late all if the time , then they cry when they get suspended.
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    That precharge stuff sounds like nonsense. If it is, get your job back with back pay and teabag those f'ers.

    The only people who ever did that when I was a preloader were volunteers. If my FT sup had been telling me to come in before the official start time involuntarily I would've told him to eat it.

    If OP was legit late 100 times them yeah, he should GTFO. Lets the whole sort down.
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    Over a 100 lates and blames everybody but himself? Sounds about right for todays youth. SMH
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    You understand when I say that over 100 lates wasn’t true they kept marking people late when that isn’t the “real” start time
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    This goof came to work on building start time. While others came way later than me. But yeah thanks for your 2 cents goof. Also when you and your FT just don’t like each other they coming for you.
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    Maybe you can’t read,how about you use your healthcare benefits for your eyes.