1. Heffalump

    Looking to go into maintenance?

    I know there is a maintenance position open in my hub and I know they are union. Is there a specific way to transfer unions? Do they have the same benefits? Would anyone know any tests you would have to take? This is the option I presented a friend instead of going management.
  2. B

    Part time employees jobs being eliminated by this proposed contract

    I just read briefly over the proposed contract. It appears that the union has decided to push even harder to create full time jobs. I can understand this to an extent. There are union employees that do not want to work full time. In fact this had been a great resource for people who are...
  3. M

    Ceased all safetey Committee activities.

    Local 174 has ceased all member participation in all safetey committees in all of our barns as of today. All employee safety committees have been disbanded. UPS obviously does not care at all for our safety anyway. 70 hours! They can start doing the pcms instead of us doing their job. It's a...
  4. K

    Package handler

    I want to eventually become a Ups package delivery driver. I've worked a couple seasons with UPS as a driver helper. I'm aware that you would typically have to start at an entry level position to work your way up to driver. I'm currently part of a different trades union but I am thinking of...
  5. M

    Amazon's Last Mile

    https://gizmodo.com/amazons-last-mile-1820451224 Insightful article.