“On Topic “ hours/pay guarantee ?

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    Been driving for 1.5 years roughly and I love the job. But this last week I wasn’t put on route for 4 days in a row and I seen drivers with less seniority working everyday. I understand I could bump any of them off route to work but I should be in it before these guys. Only 1 rookie is training on his 40. I really needed this week to be strong and I got literally nothing. I know I need a steward at my side Monday but what can they do about this ?
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    8 hour guarantee....plain and simple your there you work don’t go home, if you don’t say something this problem will persist until the volume picks up.
  3. eats packages

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    Lol what magical center do you work in
    Here if you got done early they would give you the green light of death and someone would dump their entire 7-8 shelf on you. Tomorrow there would be 30 extra stops that orion wants you to do at the start of the day on the back of the 8000 shelf.
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    Why didn't you mention to management that you have seniority over these other drivers? They are supposed to honor the contract but you need to speak up and remind them sometimes. If that don't work then you file. You don't need a steward present to speak up for yourself.
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