1. U

    Why I'm voting No

    Why I'll be voting No. Nothing in the contract about 22.3s, nothing addressed at all about the outsourcing of clerk work to the 1-800# or the UPS Store, or the closing of customer counters. The downgrading of UPS' customer service is well under way, and the customers understand the extortion...
  2. GodlikeRage

    22.4 Double Shifting

    Just want to know my rights as a 22.4 combination driver and that I'm understanding the current UPS National Master Contract Article 22 Section 4b and all that apply for potential grievances. I am located in the southern supplemental region. We've been told volume has been down in our hub and...
  3. myreqoil

    22.4s Next Contract?

    I'm a 22.4 and i'm aware we're negotiating on removing this position on the next contract all together. Does anybody have an insight on what would happen to current 22.4s such as myself if my job classification were to be removed on the next contract? Transfer to RPCD? 22.3? Back to part time?
  4. Over70irregs

    Will UPS allow employees to borrow on stock to buy a home?

    Bait and switch? Market in trouble?
  5. W

    RPCD qualified for feeder work trying to get into feeder department full time

    I am a full-time package driver that qualified for feeders in July 2022. I am out of DENCO/local 455. I, along with 7 others, are listed as cover/back-up drivers qualified for feeder work and go back and forth between packages and feeders. I have been trying tirelessly to get into the department...
  6. GR33NEJeans

    Just making sure I’m right and other driver is wrong about pay progression and being promoted.

    Local 177 here, Long story short: I started as a PT inside employee on preload. I got hired just before the new contract was passed in Sept 17’ and in Oct 20’ I was transferred into an 0300 position. Now here is where my question comes in. With me being with the company for 5 years, should I be...
  7. CLTUPSwifey

    Blessed but with heavy sacrifices

    greetings to everyone in brown, and in my case, who’s down with brown and married to UPS through a committed spouse. I’m grateful to have this platform to possibly gain clarification and support through this lifestyle of a family. I apologize, in advance, if I ask questions or have concerns...
  8. myreqoil

    Forcing 22.4's to work Mondays?

    Im a 22.4 and work tues-sat, almost every monday our on road sups call a large selection of us asking us to come in on Monday's to work. So far they haven't told us we HAVE TO REPORT or send us a message on saturdays that we are scheduled to report for work on Monday...but i know in the past...
  9. IJustWorkHere

    2023 Contract

    I voted last contact only to see them force this new crap 💩 on us that we didn’t want. 2023 contract won’t be any different. Part timers are over looked . Get ready to be dick ed 🍆 again . We have a union that isn’t really about us . I don’t expect to see many positive changes . I’m preparing...
  10. D

    COLA is a 33 cent adjustment to top scale

    I’m going to walk through the contract and math so that we’re all able to be on the same page. The following two paragraphs are the determining factors for the cost of living adjustment (COLA): Summarizing Article 33, paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 ‘COLA is based on CPI-W, published by the BLS...
  11. cheryl

    Divide Over Controversial UPS Contract Defines Teamsters Presidential Election

    Divide Over Controversial UPS Contract Defines Teamsters Presidential Election - The Intercept The 1.2 million member International Brotherhood of Teamsters is one of the largest and most powerful unions in the U.S., with a vast marble headquarters and billions in pension fund assets. But there...
  12. cheryl

    The Teamster Revolt Against the Hoffa Era

    The Teamster Revolt Against the Hoffa Era - Jacobin Willie Ford listened to the conference call in disbelief from the cab of his tractor trailer on I-95 as the Teamster election monitor announced the results of the contract vote covering 250,000 workers at UPS. Ford, a leader of Teamsters for...
  13. zubenelgenubi

    Table of Contents for the Master Contract

    To follow through with a thought I had expressed in another thread a while back, I wrote out a Table of Contents for the National Master Agreement. I always struggled with the index, which should be at the back, as it is organized alphabetically by topic. The problem is that my idea of what the...
  14. cheryl

    UPS Labor Contract Update

    This presentation will address the main features of the 2018 UPS small package National Master agreement as well as the UPS Freight contract and explain some of the business implications. Some of the comments we make in this presentation are “forward-looking statements” that address our...
  15. cheryl

    UPS-Teamsters Pact Takes Effect As Detroit Workers Ratify Rider

    UPS-Teamsters Pact Takes Effect As Detroit Workers Ratify Rider - Freightwaves UPS Inc. (NYSE:UPS) employees who are members of Teamsters Union Local 243 in Detroit ratified their local rider to the national, or “master” UPS contract on Sunday, April 28, allowing the five-year contract to take...
  16. Utah PT

    $13.00 or $13.70?

    Hi I'm a pt employee that started about 5 years ago. Our wages recently increased to $13.00 (15.00 in our region) and the new language scares me into thinking I won't receive the 70c gwi since my wages had been increased prior to this contract. Any insight would be helpful. I attached a picture...
  17. cheryl

    UPS, teamsters finalize 5-year contract

    UPS, teamsters finalize 5-year contract - Atlanta Business Chronicle United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE: UPS) and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters have finalized the last remaining agreement to cover more than 240,000 small package union workers. The 5-year contract, which runs...
  18. rown_oser

    Article 33. Cost-of-Living (COLA)

    Someone smart please breakdown Article 33 into layman's terms and give an example using the CPI for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers table, where the allowance rate is determined from. Thanks
  19. cheryl

    UPS Teamsters locals in New York City, western Pennsylvania ratify contract supplements

    UPS Teamsters locals in New York City, western Pennsylvania ratify contract supplements - Freightwaves Unionized UPS Inc. (NYSE:UPS) workers in New York City and western Pennsylvania have ratified their respective supplemental agreements to the national contract between UPS and the Teamsters...
  20. cheryl

    Teamster locals' `no' votes throw wrench into UPS' contract implementation

    Teamster locals' `no' votes throw wrench into UPS' contract implementation - Freightwaves UPS Inc. employees at several Teamsters union locals have soundly rejected their respective riders and supplements to a five-year collective bargaining agreement which was ratified in October despite the...