“Toxic masculinity”


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I’m sure you all have heard about this commercial and have your thoughts. Personally, I’m offended over the message it’s trying to convince men of, that masculinity is a bad thing. IMO, the woman who wrote this article is spot on. What do you think?

Maybe, it’s time for the entire PC movement to chill out and relax for a little while. That’s what I think. The old saying of if you can’t say something nice then don’t say it at all is over with. No one knows what will offend. Don’t speak at all is the best policy.


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I don't know if I am offended by this nonsense but I do know I don't want my razor blade lecturing me.

are you selling me a razor blade or are you becoming a social activist? if you're selling me a blade then make it better then anyone elses and sell It at a good price. if you want to engage in social activism then get out of the razor blade business.


Never bought my own handtruck
Not sissy ones.


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The monetization of virtue signaling and “wokeness” in our Country is a pretty sick trend. And I think that over the next several decades, the ongoing promotion of physical and psychological weakness in our youth could have very real national security implications. Not only during wartime, but in business, innovation, trade etc as well.



She looks good to go to me

Just tell her she’s way hotter than the 2 in the Gillette uniforms
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