1 Dead! Crash Involving UPS Truck

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    1 Dead! Crash Involving UPS Truck. Guaranteed "preventable"?

    I guarantee that UPS management will find some way to doctor up what happened and find that the UPS driver was at fault. They will say that the accident was deemed "preventable" because the driver should have got out of the way. I have seen it in my center where a PC driver was smashed into by a young girl who flew out of a side alley. When I arrived on the scene to help the driver with his load, it was obvious what had happened. Me and two other drivers who were called to the scene concluded that it was the girl's fault. The police officer on the scene told me it was her fault. The driver of the crashed PC said it was her fault. The young girl who caused the accident confessed to us that it was "100%" her fault. But the center manager who came out to access the situation concluded that the accident was "preventable" and proceeded to suspend the driver for a week without pay.
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    so she said it was her fault and then died? you forget to say who died

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    Re: 1 Dead! Crash Involving UPS Truck. Guaranteed "preventable"?

    If the police officer told me it was her fault, my immediate response would have been "Are you going to write her a ticket"? To me, if you have someone with authority who concludes you were not at fault, get something on paper, this will help immensely.
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    No I said what happened in my center.
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    I had a similar accident in 2007. I was not charged with an unavoidable accident.
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    In my work group we had a driver hit by a drunk driver at night, running a stop side with no lights on, as he had just left a strip joint! (the drunk) Driver was charged with an accident.
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    Early in my career I was delivering on a freshly snow covered road ( 1st snow of the season). I came around a 90 degree corner only to miss the name on a mailbox at the last second. I went to back up the 3 P600 lenghts to the drive way only to hear the god awfulless crunching noise you ever heard. I seems that while I was looking in the right side mirror so I wouldn't hit the mailbox this kid was practicing his donut spinning on the fresh snow in his little sports car. As he came around the corner he slid into me as I was backing up. I got him good. Had his front end pinned under my left side duals. He said he tried to honk but didn't have a horn and had the crap scared out of him. No one ended up being hurt but his car was trashed. The cop laughed as he told us how he followed this kids donut tracks around the corner to under my duals. He said it looked like both our faults (UPS said it was mine). I think that was the time they gave me 2 days off (wed & thursday) and then called me on tuesday night and asked if it would be ok the switch that to thurs. and fri. because they were really shorthanded wed. 4 day weekends are great
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    Re: 1 Dead! Crash Involving UPS Truck. Guaranteed "preventable"?

    In NJ if the police make out an accident report, there are boxes for "contributing factors" for driver #1 and driver #2 (or 3 or more). Unfortunately they are in code, the box may be #24 and have the number 6 in it, (I don't recall exactly). If you have the overlay sheet for the accident report box #24 may be say, "contributing factors driver #1", and the code 6 may be excessive speed. The box for driver #2 may be coded none. The police don't have to issue a summons to determine fault. Although I'd say if they were to issue tickets for bald tires, running a stop sign, or something like that it makes a stronger case.
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    Regardless of what the police say or who they cite, UPS management has the right to deem the accident "avoidable," and usually do so.
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    "Regardless of what the police say or who they cite, UPS management has the right to deem the accident "avoidable," and usually do so. "

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    Guess back only when necessary and be aware of dangerous/changing conditions don't mean anything to you... it was totally your fault bro.
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    Way to make friends right off the bat with your first post,bro.
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    What I was trying to say is that this is UPS's company. They make the rules. We just have jobs here, and we work for them and follow their rules. If they want to charge us for an avoidable accident even though it was not our fault, we can't do anything about it. It's not right, but that is just the way it is. If the union would stand up to the company on these occasions, the outcomes might be different. But in our building the union just tells us, "You still have a job, and this only messes up your safe driving record. Live with it."
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    Something UPS may not do is to charge the driver with an avoidable when there is a fatality, one that is obviously not the drivers fault,as it will only assist the inevitable lawsuit from the other party. We had a driver involved in a fatal when some kids decided to cut under his trailer at a stop sign instead of going thru the crosswalk. It was not his fault although he was removed from service for a period but he was not charged either way. If he had only bumped the kid to the ground they would have fired him on the spot. He is finishing his career in the yard,understandably.
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    If you watch the video Ups didnt waste any time getting another truck there to take the stops. They prob made the driver finish out the day.
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    My opinion is, as with everything else at UPS, it depends on who you are
    and how much you kiss ^^^ as to the accident being avoidable or unavoidable, even in serious accidents.:peaceful:
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    Maybe ... as if ... perhaps there are Double Standards?
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    SOP is its the drivers fault whenever there's a UPS vehicle involved.
    Guilty until proven innocent, thats the UPS way
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    you can do something file a grievance thats what we do here.
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    Whatever it boils down to it seems to always be OUR fault! enough SAID!