Pay$ Discrimination Against Seasoned & Senior Employees (Union & Management)

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None of the last 5 pages of bull:censored2: charges the facts that yes, this is the lightest peak ever and to acknowledge the last 5 pages of bull:censored2:: part timers[[ do not deserve]]] even a quarter of the pay that a full time driver earns. There's very minimal risk in loading a truck. What, you might throw out your back or pull a muscle? While driving, UPS is responsible if you kill somebody or yourself in an accident. "

Also that drivers should get 100per hour... and that hub employees don't deserve a quarter of that amount...

HOSEAW: While hub loaders put Supply in the trailer for truck driver to haul. But 25$ is still lower then National average 30$ per hr( Bureau of Labor &

After 19 years is dirty to start new hires at 20$ and not give a pay increase to those who have been working @UPS 5years plus. I'm 38 and now new hires start with 5$ less the my current pay rate...and there's people saying we don't deserve 25per hr smh...When I started @ 8.50 a 18 year vet was making $17.50-22.00 and now one guy at my hub is @ 36 years part-time makes 34.00 per hour...

I posted facts about the percentage of people that die from car accidents 85% compared to Tractor (Truck) Accidents... 15% difference... so driving to work and back home avg a 1hour drive.. while truck drivers drive 10hour shift my/our drive is 10% of their Daily/Nightly shift...(10% of 10hours=1hr) so 10% of 100,000$ is 10,000$.
also there are risk and major injuries falling from 20 foot ladders slides and conveyor belt. Boxes10-60 pounds fall from height 20feet/higher and strike or injury alot of people...
Problem is, you responded to a post on page 11 of a currently 35 page thread, by starting a new thread instead of replying in the original thread, or by quoting the original post. You basically put us all in a position of having to be in your head and being able to figure out what the hell you were talking about. Reading your first post felt like I walked into a room and some guy was talking to himself. Not to mention the manner in which you type which compounds the issue of being impossible to follow.

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On that note Social Security Sould be the same amount since yourall are old doing the same thing. And experience to efficiently get the job done is where pay raises come from. After vested years putting in work builds America and other nations. Let a new hire cut your lawn instead of TruGreen of Professional Lawn Care... matter fact let XPO & FedEx handle Tarriff Government Contracts oh wait they can't because (100+yearsUPS) HAS THAT ON LOCK.


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"more than 32,000 people die due to an auto accident. Of those killed in auto accidents, nearly 5,000 were in an accident involving a semi-truck." So 15% %of money should go to driver of cars....Example Truck drivers want to make 100,000 dollars per year and be on the road with daily citizens government should pay 15,000per year to citizens just for driving since their at more risk then truck drivers. I drive a hour 1(hour) (to & fro) 10% of a (Package or Truck driver daily 10hour shift) 10% of $100,000$ = $10,000 deemable...Also 1 driver per truck 2 to 3 in a car.... sooooo...etc.... and Mid-Night &Preload Twilight Daysort.... employees are at risk due to packages falling 20-50feet in the air. Weighing 10 to 70 pounds and Smack dead or concussion.even falling from belt or slide 25 feet in the air....Also Co-Vid...and being broke 25k a year homeless or less money made bleeding out our a** due to picking up 10,000 pounds or more DAILY. (804)-687-8391... I started with 8.50$ per hour at age 19 in 2002 while in US Army etc... now @ 25$ per hour... but new hires @ 21$ per hour... Discrimination & a ripoff lawsuit in the making... yall should be complaining on getting raises for seasoned employees. New hires starting with more then a employee that worked there with 5+ experience that's like starting a senator with more money then the president... smh
And now, a Wallation™:

I am upset with new hires jumping ahead in terms of pay per hour. New hires are making more than one with 5 years seniority. Current employees pay scale should be adjusted upwards accordingly.

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And now, a Wallation™:

I am upset with new hires jumping ahead in terms of pay per hour. New hires are making more than one with 5 years seniority. Current employees pay scale should be adjusted upwards accordingly.

The new hires aren’t even making more! They just aren’t making enough less 😂