2 men killed in vehicle accidents

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    2 men killed in vehicle accidents - Deseret News

    The Utah Highway Patrol said it happened about 9:20 a.m. at the intersection of state routes 36 and 138. The UPS truck was headed south on state Route 36 and the dump truck was planning to turn left on state Route 138.

    "The dump truck turned left in front of the UPS truck and they collided," UHP trooper Cameron Roden said Monday. "It was pretty much a head-on crash."

    The UHP identified the man killed as Allen Christopherson, 54.
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    Thoughts and prayers out to his family and co/workers!!! a very sad story!!
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    What a shame. His family & friends are in my thoughts & prayers.
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    ok, this is really horrible. how sad for the familes of both men. my thoughts are with all the familes and friends of these men. how very sad.

    but, while this is not very meaningful to the depth of the story at hand. UPS does not have "trucks" we have "package cars" thats the way it was for the 18 years i worked there. not until DJ and and #88. we had feeder trucks, trailors, but the vechiles that delivered packages to customers were package cars.
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    You are right, this was not very meaningful to the story, and to add it was inconsiderate on your part.
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    They were still trucks, no matter what we called them.
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    i am the first person to say that it was not meaninful to the story. i send my prayers to the families of both men, and their friends and co-workers. inconsiderate to mention it, no, in poor taste, perhaps, yes. but, i said so myself. it was not to offend to families. it was more of a comentary of the written article. my apologies if i offended.