2 UPS employees accused of stealing video games

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    2 UPS employees accused of stealing video games - WKRN

    Two UPS employees from the Whites Creek Pike facility were arrested Wednesday for theft of property.

    According to affidavits obtained by Nashville's News 2 Investigates, the two part-time employees, Marcell McKibbens and Tremaine Coleman, were under investigation for close to a year.

    The workers reportedly signed confessions after being confronted by UPS internal investigators
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    If they're too stupid to realize theft of any kind is not worth it they didn't belong anyway. Trust is important and I'm glad they're out.
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    I guess these 2 dumbasses didn't know you can download the games for free on torrent sites. Freakin bunch of azzclowns lol.
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    A couple of comments regarding this issue:

    1) I'm surprised it took one year to discover the theft....especially with all the tracking we have today. According to the comment section, these two were allegedly part-time supervisors.

    2) Theft becomes more attractive to some as benefits and wages are reduced. IMHO, the caliber of people being hired into UPS has changed both in management and hourly over the years. Lower wage & benefits packages for employees do not always translate into greater productivity and profit for the company. Management in my opinion has been affected the most in these critical areas.

    3) I was the recipient of the UPS $5000 tax free theft award many years ago when we would simply hand sheet an RTS'd package and place a yellow RTS label on it. One of my co-workers was taking packages that I sheeted out to his car when I would count COD money with a supervisor. An older car washer asked me if "so and so" gets a lot of packages as he frequently saw him go to his car with packages. I went out to his hatchback car and saw the laser printer that I had sheeted with the RTS label still on it. Needless to say I had no choice but to call and turn this employee in.

    It was a VERY bad experience. I asked that the company use discretion about the matter. UPS authorities and police came into our building and handcuffed him right in front of all of us. I split the $5000 reward money with the car washer and ended up paying the additional tax on the income from my $2500 net share. One of the worst experiences in my career and the last time that I ever trusted that UPS would use discretion. As it turned out.... this employee was caught with over $25,000 of merchandise in his home. Even more ironic was that I had actually bought a fax machine (the VERY early models) from this employee months earlier. Yes.....I did inform LP that I had purchased a fax machine from him. The issue was dropped. Also....to close the issue...this employee and I met up later.... I informed him that he should have never put me in a position where it possibly looked as though I was stealing the merchandise. This employee went on to become a Physician Assistant.....