20 years this month.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by rowan, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. rowan

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    Got 20 years with ups 7 pt 13 driving. Now hoping I can make it another 15. Started at 18, hopefully ill have a pension when I retire. I also got on the 9.5 list for the first time. This is the first week I've been under every day.
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    20 is the new 10.but congrads anyway.
  4. Monkey Butt

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    Congrats ... halfway there. hopefully!
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    You da man
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    You started young...that's huge in this type of employment field...keep trugging along !!!
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The pension will be there but I strongly urge you, if you are not already doing so, to fund your 401k or whatever retirement investment you choose. The pension should be just one leg of your three-legged retirement plan along with Social Security and your 401k.
  8. bottomups

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    Great advice.
    My stool has four legs. Am expecting a LARGE inheritance.:happy-very:
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    Yes I need to improve on saving. I had the 401k going but started the dave ramsey plan. Got everything paid off eccept the house. Now trying to get 6 months of emergency funds in the bank. Then ill start putting back in 401k and paying off house.
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    Congratulations I hope you make it another 15 if that’s what you want to do, do you really trust the Union and the company that the pension will be there? I guess about 1/3 of it is guaranteed right?
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    nice..... i went 20 in Jan. of this yr. same thing 7 pt 13 FT 22.3 preload feeder wash .........interestingly enough our finances are similar as well...I started @23 after a 4 yr stint in the Army....worked as much as I could as a pt'er; drove, air, filed grievances, double shifted as much as i could......the first opportunity i had to drive was in 94-95 but i was in school at the time and did not plan on sticking around......as they say $$$ talks and BS walks, funny how we are both trying to save up 6months of $$$$$, you would think that "by now" our 401ks would be flush, kids college funds full, mtgs paid..........but most of us know thats not the reality, and its not because we are lavish spenders, have expensive habits, or a garage full of toys........thats what gets me the most YES we are well compensated BUT NOT WELL ENOUGH TO TAKE CARE OF WHAT WE ARE EXPECTED TO TAKE CARE OF FINANCIALLY........Personally speaking if the contract goes down as is......i intend to leave after the 3 yrs of annual raises are over.......it's plain to see the union is no longer interested in us as members and "america" has no respect for laborers.........i think i can simply do better on my own and still have enough life and $$$ left to make a go of things on my own.........best of luck to you ROWAN and stay strong
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    So 13 years at UPS fulltime? You really only have 13 years in at UPS that count.
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    All I know is I would like to retire as soon as I can, But financially I'm not there. Problem is we never know how long our bodies will last. already sore knees everyday and I'm not even 40 yet.
  14. Tim.

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    Congrats on 20yrs! Im at 6+ yrs, 19 more to go! Unfortunately for me, I started late (34 yrs old). Trying my best to get my son, who is 19, on with UPS. I tell him, "Start young, save a little, start your 401k and put in 25 to 30 yrs. You'll be set!"