2012 Presidential approval ratings!

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    Well, even FOX NEWS own polling company RAMUSSEN Reports has Obama leading Romney in a head to head matchup! Further, in the latest polling, OBAMA now has a 50% approval rating!
    "It's Halftime in America" - Official Chrysler Commercial from 2012 NFL Championship Game - YouTube

    From the link:
    "The Presidential Approval Index is calculated by subtracting the number who Strongly Disapprove from the number who Strongly Approve.Overall, 50% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president's job performance. Forty-eight percent (48%) at least somewhat disapprove. "

    "In a potential Election 2012 matchup, President Obama attracts 49% of the vote and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney earns 42%"




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    It's really going to come down to the economy and more importantly how people perceive the economy. If voters start feeling optimistic about the the way things are going, Obama will be tough to beat.
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    Don't forget, election is 10 months away and Biden is still speaking.....plenty of time yet for gaffes .
    Also, once there is just ONE GOP candidate......all GOP will rally round that one.
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    OBAMA is on the rise at 50% approval rating. The economy is getting stronger, manufacturing is up, jobs are being created, goverment jobs are shrinking, GDP is positive, the stock market has DOUBLED since he took office, one war ended and the other just about to end, several regimes thrown out of office, Usama Bin Laden is dead, 200 al qaeda leaders killed, banking industry saved, auto industry saved and GM at the top once again, housing stabilizing, private sector companies growing at a fast pace, housing starts showing increases, unemployment creeping downward to 8% (started at 7.8%)...

    All total RE-ELECTION!

    Even the fox polls say so. Obama beats Romney 49% to 42%.

    All the trash talk in the world wont help Romney, the american public just aint buying it.


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    On Jan 20 when he took office, the Dow was 9625. Are you saying it's now 19,250 ??? That's a LIE !!! You've been in the "kleinfax" again!
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    Here is the official BUSH record for the stock market.


    Tell me where he helped the country? Am I missing something?

    Lets look at presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton and BUSH



    DOW BEGAN: 970.99
    DOW ENDED: 824.01
    For a LOSS of 17.8 PERCENT



    DOW BEGAN 2,239.11
    DOW ENDED 2,427.48
    For a small GAIN of 7.8 PERCENT



    DOW BEGAN: 3,241.95
    DOW ENDED 3,878.18
    For a GAIN of 16.8 PERCENT



    DOW BEGAN 10,581.90
    DOW ENDED 7,698.81
    For a whopping LOSS of 37.4%



    DOW BEGAN 7,949.17
    DOW ENDED: 10,819.31
    For a GAIN of 26.5%

    FROM THE ARTICLE "Indefensible"
    "Ok, so can we please cut out all this crap now? Let's all be good little republicans and trust the actual numbers which make clear that democratic presidents have been great for the market. The market LOVES democrats, and that what the numbers actually make clear is that Obama has been astonishing at rallying the market, and wildly effective in shepherding in a massive recovery. Indeed, as the numbers make clear, Obama can legitimately claim to have presided over the biggest first 1/2 term market rally in more than 40 years."

    Of course, this chart for OBAMA only goes to 10819 and does not include the rallies to 12700 which makes it the highest increase in 4 YEARS in HISTORY! But, yet, "some" will say its not true, its some magic numbers, or unreal numbers, or funny math. Plain and Simple, the market loves DEMOCRATS!


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    Of all the things he posted thats the one yo want to argue? I closed at 12,845.13 today. That is an increase of 34%. That is a pretty nice number. Good argument there!!
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    The dow opened at 7949.17 when obama took office while on the WAY DOWN from BUSH's economic wreck. Once at 14K, BUSH spiraled downward to 7949 and continued downward to 6700 in the first quarter of OBAMA.

    If you double 6700, that is 13400, and we are knocking on the door by the end of the first quarter! That would be twice.

    This will be a great year for stocks, and they could possibly hit 14K by november!!

    That will be hard to beat, and the republicans will cry that everything is bad, but the numbers will make them look silly.


  9. klein

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    But, don`t forget, Romney gets the votes from all the rich people, because of low taxes for the rich, and who cares about the poor ?
    Problem is, not enough rich people around to vote for him ! :)
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    You wish you could make what the rich people pay out in taxes. The rich pay PLENTY! Why don't you do some research and actually find some numbers instead of just throwing around the same line over & over and I tell you all the time about it not being true? You take lines out of context or leave a lot off of a quote. You know, that's dishonest?
    Romney will pay $6.2 million for 2011 taxes. If you think that's low, that's nuts.
    T. Boone Pickens has paid $665 million since he was 70 yrs. old.

    "What is the truth?

    What better place to go to find out the answer than the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). Taxfoundation.org has developed a couple of easy-to-follow charts based on the data provided by the IRS - I have provided a link to Taxfoundation.org below.

    According to the IRS, the "income split point" for somebody to be included in the top 1% of all taxpayers (by income) was $380,354 in 2008 (the last year where data is available).

    So, if you reported Positive Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of $380,354 or over, then you were in the top 1% of all taxpayers in the United States in 2008.

    According to the IRS, this group of taxpayers (1,399,606 total) paid 38.02% of all federal individual income tax collected in 2008.

    The top 5% of all taxpayers (income split on this group was at $159,619 in 2008) paid 58.72% of all federal individual income taxes in 2008. "

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    Yes they pay 38% of the total taxes paid, but thats not 38% taxes EACH. That number is collectively accumulated using variables. The top 1% represent such HUGE numbers, that some of them are paying 1%, 5%,8%.10%,15% after deductions and loopholes, and those numbers STILL come out to 38% of the total dollar amounts paid in taxes.

    Boone pickens paying 665 million is NOTHING compared to 1.7 billion. 665 million may sound like alot to a person making less than 100K, but a person at 100K would love to pay the same tax rate as Boone Pickens.

    Instead, the person making 100K pays close to 30%.

    Boone is paying less than 15%.

    Still think thats fair?

    Collectively, including tax loopholes and deductions, the top 1% should be paying close to 45% of the total taxes to assist the country in recovery, and once there, taxes cut for them. This in addition to cuts in programs and the military.