2019 Buyout

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by Gipsee, Oct 10, 2019.

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    stop harassing people
  2. I'm not harassing. It's the truth.
  3. You can lead a horse to water...
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    There you go...Going all "responsible".....

    Enjoy Life because here at UPS or any other other Company.......

    We work (we all work hard - management and non) and put in the clock time!

    On days off:
    Fish in AK or the Keys...................Fun! LIFE............
    Swim with the Dolfins...

    I was fortunate to be selected for the FFL; never looked back!
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    I receive a very generous retirement after working 29 yrs with federal government. I am getting a new roof, windows and a few other things. This is what works for.
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    Hey guys! I left UPS with my tax return and thought i’d be broke the rest of my life. I just got back into Dallas to find a void ups check for 600$ and my buyout offer long passed. I worked part time as a grunt for 13 years and full time for 2. The offer was only for part time so I’m thinking 50,000$!!! But the people at the office say the last time they did buyouts was 2015?? Will I get another chance this year?
  7. What did you do to get fired?
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    you snooze you looze
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    Man I quit. I held on till the last thread of my mind broke and kept going. You don’t even understand how damaged I am now. The mind is everywhere and it’s very powerful and strong. People label it schizophrenia but their wrong cause it knows what it’s doing and it couldn’t get me. So yeah I quit on valentines day, cause I’m not going down like a punk.
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    Yeah but other people in this thread said they got an offer in 2018
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    wow! Bro 50k down the drain
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    It’s all right m o f o s I don’t even like money
  13. Then why are you worried about a buyout?
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    I’m going to build a horsey farm in Hawaii that’s why
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    I've been a pt sup for 2 almost 3 years. Everyone says I'm the best supervisor they have ever seen. Should I expect a buyout offer?
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    Got my buyout offer.
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