22.4 full time.


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Pretty new to the job and got a 22.4 full time position. Volume has dropped and i only worked once this week so far. I have a couple veteran driver buddies tell me im guaranteed 40 hours of work. My problem and experience is i deff have to choose my words carefully with management without sounding petty or demanding. Spoke to my steward and said were deff going in the office tomorrow and discuss my guaranteed work. Just getting annoyed driving to work and then getting told to go home. Gas is 4 dollars a gallon bro.
8 hrs


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They’ve already qualified I believe. If you’re trying to make book I agree u have to show improvement in the end bc it should be muscle memory by week 3. Hopped in my car after work and still reach down for the handbrake sometimes @IVE GOTTA PACKAGE 4U