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Common mistake because it’s not the same classification (subject).
You’re reading the master based on the 22.4 classification that doesn’t hold water when you are laid off.
Check your supplemental contract and you’ll see something regarding day to day layoff.

You can still get your straight 8 if your management team doesn’t suck and they talk to the preload to find you things to do.
I think your very mistaken and should reread the National Master contract.

2 things need to happen for 22.4 to be considered “laid off”.

1. Change classification/job description to Regular Package Car Delivery Driver. Combination position it currently is right now includes all inside warehouse work thus work is always available.

2. Every current part time employee has to be put on lay off. If there’s even one part time employee working in the building no 22.4 is laid off period

If volume is down to the point where every part time employee is laid off and continues to decrease, 22.4’s in least seniority order will start to be placed on lay off and RPCD’s in least seniority order will replace least senior 22.4 for that warehouse work.

RPCD’s, when work is available, will be guaranteed 4 hours of work if reporting as scheduled. 8 hours if they elect two part time shifts and when not performing their primary job.

22.4’s, when reporting as scheduled, will be guaranteed 8 hours of work. 22.4 on lay off fall under RPCD’s lay off procedure.
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