22.4 Layoff


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Well now we're just making up crazy scenarios. Especially since 200 air stops on one car would be pretty damn impossible lol. But I'll play along.

Why wouldn't it fly. If he has the seniority to perform the air work he would be paid at article 40 rate for that day. If all he is delivering is air than he not a RPCD.
So when a package car driver delivers air during his normal day, does his pay change while delivering air packages? No need to respond...

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That's a horrible question. Lol

I'm sure you think it came off as smart but it really didn't this time.
The real question is did they voluntarily choose to do air work?
The company likes to code people as air to reduce the number of drivers listed as in use for a certain day, but at the end of the day, if they showed up to work for 8 hours of their work, it does not matter if they were picking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in ground merchandise, or delivering amazon air mailers.


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22.4 are combination employees. Since the contract language includes inside work it makes no sense to reduce your pay for working inside. File a grievance.
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yea. except that the combo was never supposed to be real. they were always going to only use them for driving and the official combo status was just an excuse to pay them less, even though it's bogus logic, well before this the company would routinely use personnel to do other jobs and they never got a rate cut for it. of course any manager is going to get dinged for using a 22.4 to do inside work. but since it is official you can demand it, but you have to demand it because there's no way they're ever going to do it on their own.