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    Ahoy UPSers, I need your help in compiling a comprehensive list of part-time preferred jobs (six (6) months seniority required). Called out in Art. 22.4, par. 4 are (my comments in paren.):
    1. Preloader
    2. Sorter (I'm thinking this covers all Primary, Secondary, Boxline, Smalls, High & Low volume direct (pickoff))
    3. Clerical (so far I've got ECS and High Value clerks)
    4. Irregular (bulk) Train
    5. Designated (HazMat?) Responder
    6. Carwasher
    7. Loader (don't know why this would be a preferred job:confused:1)
    8. Unloader (again, :confused:1)
    Specifically I work a Twilight/Reload hub sort, but any input you provide could be useful to future Brown Cafe members. What are your thoughts on:
    • 9. HazMat Acceptance Auditor (I'm told they're non-union here and thus not applicable to me and my purposes, but curious about elsewhere)
    • 10. Revenue Recovery Auditors (the measure & weigh people)
    • 11. SPA (scan, peel, apply)
    • 12. Smalls scanning/bagging
    • 13. Damages/retape/overgoods/address correction personnel
    • 14. Any/all Air sort operations personnel (under the same roof as a regular hub, not an Air hub or Gateway)?
    • 15. International operations? Here they seem to be integrated into the Air ops.
    • 16. Forklift/truck driver
    • 17. what do you think I'm missing?
    Also, anyone know the specific name/level of screening done by the Feds(TSA?) to receive credentials to work in/around Air Dock area?
    TIA, I highly value and appreciate your input and experience. Hondo
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    Hondo, I double on a Twilight/Reload. I don't have experience with Preload, so I can't speak to your mention of Preloader. I've met 22.3 sorters--Primary, High and Low Volume Direct pickoffs--but I can't speak to Smalls. I met a 22.3 secondary sorter in Illinois but the secondary doesn't run on my Noonday sort here in Denver. I avoid the outbounds like the PLAGUE here. I've also met a 22.3 unloader but my recollection is he was there because he could no longer sort (injury). I believe the HazMat responder on my shift is a pt'er but I could be wrong. Carwashers are combo as are ALL but one or two bulk/irreg train drivers. The ones that are NOT combo have something like 25 years in.

    I BELIEVE HazMat acceptance auditor here is union. I saw one of these guys just the other night, auditing a big stack of hazmats. I can check if you really want to know. Revenue recovery personnel in Northern Illinois became UPS employees in the Summer or Fall of 2003, I believe. I believe SPA is a combo job. Didn't I see that Joopster bid and won a 22.3 job as a SPA worker??? He's in Ohio. Again, I've never worked Preload, so I can't categorically say one way or another. Here I believe Smalls scanning/bagging is a combo job. One of the 22.3 sorters I mentioned above does SOMETHING in smalls for the second half of his shift. There was a language barrier between us, so I didn't ask for details. ALL damages/retape/overgoods personnel are COMBO here. There might be one pt'er left on the Midnight.

    Don't think your missing anything. I avoid the Air Dock like its a fatal disease. Too much stress for my liking, for one.

    This one I have no idea on. A few months ago, management came around with a PCM for us to sign about the TSA requiring only "badged and background-checked" employees on the air dock. I didn't even know WHERE the Air Dock was in my hub til I doubled on Twilight and walked past it on the way out LOL. -Rocky
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    Thank you for your reply, Rocky. However, perhaps I should elaborate on my original post. I'm not referring to 22.3 combo jobs, rather Article 22.4 paragraph 4:
    Part-time employees with six (6) months or more seniority shall have the right to place their name on the list of employees waiting to be moved a preferred job within their building. Such preferred jobs shall include, but not be limited to: Preload, Sorter, Clerical, Irregular Train, Designated Responder, Carwasher, Loader, and Unloader. Employees do not have the right to select any specific unit, load, or workstation unless a prior past practice has been established.
    I have ~2.5 years seniority (plus a Peak as a seasonal hire, which doesn't count). This Spring there was potentially a clerk job opening (it was vacated when someone had himself declared permanently disabled - he walked with an extremely pronounced limp). The remaining clerks were asked who they thought would be a good replacement, and my name came up. Now I knew things don't (or shouldn't) work like that, but figured I should at least get my name on the preferred jobs list (there was also some questions about whether this position would be filled or if the long-time employee on disability was coming back). HR told me (then) they had a separate list for each preferred job. Well since that was the only opening I knew of, I said put me down for it. The job did get filled, by someone with about the same seniority as me- I have no problem with that. Fast forward to now, I go back to HR intending to get my name on the list for every job they have, and I'm told that "nobody goes by that list anymore, they (the supervisors and managers) handle that themselves, except for maybe some clerk jobs". In the mean time I now see at least 1 newly hired employee (seniority date is less than 4 mos. ago, which would include probationary period) filled a recently vacated preferred job. New hire-"where does State,xxx zip go?" Me-"I need all five digits of the zip for that. It is ground service, isn't it?" He had no idea what I meant by GROUND SERVICE, or how to identify it as such. I asked HR specifically about working in that unit (last week), HR told me to "go talk to Xxxx, the (part-time) supe there.
    While I'm not happy about it, I could accept that a building practice was established negating the last line of that paragraph in the CBA. But I don't believe I should stand by while preferred jobs are going to new hires because they happened to get hired the same day the opening comes up. It's not fair to the bargaining unit members, and while it's of no direct concern of mine, it certainly doesn't seem to do any good for the building's performance numbers.

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    ive been trying to switch to Spa from unload for a year and they just keep giving the jobs to new hires and ignoring me even though im better than most at Spa. So i'm guessing that is not covered in 22.4?.
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    If they aren't grieve that crap. Before 2003, all of our revenue auditor clekrs (the clerks that stand on the belts and just grab packages and weigh them with a scale and measure), were "spherion" for years. We finally grieved and argued enough to get them a check card to bring them on as UPS employees and union members because they were touching packages.

    I watch for temps like a hawk. If they have anything to do with the package operation, I grieve because it surely is violating someones seniority. I DESPISE temps...all of those packages are teamster packages.
  6. Fredless

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    Doesn't matter if they are better than you at spa-ing. Go to your steward, and grieve it. I had to grieve my way into air driving, they kept pulling the crap they didn't have anyone to replace me at my primary job for the 6 days of class. Well sorry buster brown, thats not my problem you have a known staffing issue.

    Anyway, to be a clerk you have to type 25 or 30 words per minute as well. SPA is considered a bid clerk job.

    GRIEVE IT. They are jerking you around.
  7. hondo

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    A grievance has been filed. It appears it will be going to panel. Steward and BA's sound confident I will be put in a bulk driver slot, bumping (now 2) lower seniority employees. I hope to post a favorable outcome after a few weeks.
  8. Fredless

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    Good luck with it.:thumbup1:
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    Pickoffs are not considered seniority positions. I had a hell of a time getting my HVD job back after going driving for three months and an unfortunate disqualification. Mgmt said pickoff position is at the sole discretion of the supervisors, talked to a few stewards and they had to concede since the position isn't bid on. Stewards said mgmt should (not must) respect seniority when choosing the pickoff, which meant no chance for grievance filing.
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    Believe it or not, we just got PAS in our building recently. I have a question on the SPA position being considered a bid clerk job. We were told it is not. Also if any seniority employee wanted that position we were told it would be a dollar an hour cut in pay. So it went to new hires.
    If it is a bid clerk job, then can they force the cut in pay?
  11. Fredless

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    Yes, they can in the preload. Preloaders and sorters are entitled to the $1.00 premium increase. If you bid to a clerk job, which in the southern region a SPA/PAS job is a BID CLERK job, then you would take a paycut to go from preloader to a SPA/PAS clerk.

    Check with your stewards and if they don't know, they should contact the BA for your local. There might have been a panel hearing that could have ruled one way or the other.
  12. JustPartTime

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    Thank you. I appreciate the info.
  13. blue efficacy

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    HVD/LVD is a skilled position, thus seniority should prevail among those who are certified.
  14. agbrown

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    I thought the same, before it happened to me.

    Have you tested this theory, or know of someone else in the same situation?

    In my experience that wasn't the case.
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    Won at panel level. I'm now a bulk (irregulars) driver. Lower seniority employee hasn't been bumped yet, and may not be, with volume up. Didn't get the details, but I sure hope the preferred jobs list was re-established for the sake of my brothers and sisters. Mgmnt. spent the last couple of weeks trying to retain me in old work area, implying bulk would be too hard. And now a HVD pickoff slot is open, but I told FT mgr: "a grievance was filed, and it's out of my hands; I'll abide by the decision made". (Out of curousity, [a] could that offer have been considered direct dealing?, and does our contract language surrender our protection from it?)

    The 705 CBA has language specifically protecting your previous job if you fail to qualify. Since no one seemed to know if it's in your regional or local supplement, riders, or addenda you should ask your local to get it in there.