223 full time combination job bid


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Hello, at my center mgt. has posted a job bid for a 223 job. this job entails going to the airport and retrieving the air packages and bringing them back to the center. (about 5 or 6 hrs) and then working as assigned to fill out your 8hrs. This job has been in package and then moved to feeders. When in feeders a business decision was made to combine with a different center. Then it was decided to move the run back to my center, but a part time person was assigned to the job because there wasn't enough hours for a fulltime route. My questions are how can I stop the bid and what article can I file under? and lastly how can I get this job back in package car and or feeders? They have opened the bidding in this manner 1st choice is all 223 employees, 2nd choice all parttime employees, 3rd all full time employees any help will be greatly appreciated.
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