3.5 Garantee Question

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    I know that they can't send me home as long as I report on time, and then I am guaranteed 3.5 hours.

    My question is if the sort is complete and I am done loading my package cars, and they say ok u can "take off" or "that's it for the day") etc., do I just requst my full 3.5 just like if they tried to send me home before the sort. Then get sent to go do more work on another belt?

    BTW.... I have made book
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    Yes...tell them you want your guarantee.
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    ^^What she said.

    When this happens in my center, usually the few preloaders that speak up about their guarantee are sent to scan-check and/or re-tape until they make 3.5 or the late airs arrive or w/e the case may be.
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    She knows her stuff, I'd surely listen to her.
  6. I'm not going to give you 3.5 unless you request it. I can always find something that can be done so you will get it.