3 North Dakota Students Found Dead

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    3 North Dakota Students Found Dead In Submerged Car

    This story greatly disturbs me. These 3 adult college students drowned in a right side up car in 10 feet of water. The doors and windows were all closed. We'll never know why they didn't try to get out, or if they did try, what happened. In my mind, there is no way 3 able bodied adults wouldn't be able to get out of a car in 10 feet of water.

    Of course I'm thinking of my children, 21 and 19. If you have children, read up on "Escaping From A Submerged Car", and then have a talk with your kids. Don't send them the link, they'll just blow it off. TALK to them.

    I'm also going to get a LifeHammer for each vehicle, and install them myself.

    3 preventable deaths if someone had talked to these girls about submerged cars.....
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    We have one of those window breaking gizmos in all 3 of our cars.
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    I imagine the second the car went in the water the electrical system shorted out and in their panic they couldn't unlock the doors or roll down the windows. How many time have you heard of someone calling 911 because they were locked in their car not realizing all they have to do is lift up the button manually. We will never know. Its a sad story. My heart goes out to the families. Also until a car is almost fully filled with water there is too much pressure on the doors from the outside to open them.
  4. klein

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    I wonder how they drove so far off the road, and kept on driving in the field, until they sunk into the pond.
    Was it a game, booze, or drugs ?

    Still fell darn sorry for them. But, makes you wonder, what the true story is.

    Btw: They also had a pet dog on board, that also drowned along with them.

    They did have a mythbuster show on this topic (escaping from a car under water).
    It's worth watching.
  5. over9five

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    That sounds like a great idea. I'll have to find the episode on-line somewhere.
  6. over9five

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    Exactly the reason I'm going to teach "Escaping Submerged Car" class to my kids. Panic kills.
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    I imagine they were driving with their lights off so as to not ruin the star gazing and just drove into the pond by accident
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