30 day cover driver potential accident


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My bet is on this blowing over. I think you'll be okay. I had an accident as a seasonal and they kept me anyway. You handled it in the best possible way.

Watch out for gates in the future. I have to watch out for steep hills in the aftermath of winter storms...

Sorry to hear about your best friend. All the best to you.

Thanks, not trying to be that attention hore. Its just this is kind of over whelming waiting this out. I value this job. I love it. I told my manager id work with a basset hound in a birthday hat for 30 an hour. Its all about perception. Theres worse jobs with horrible pay.


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Has it been ten working days since the incident?
If it has you're probably okay.

Just keep your mouth shut and don't take chances.

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Im on 20th day of cover driver probation period. Ran scratch 8 days so far. Drove saturday air and went to an area i wasnt familiar with. Its a gated community and google maps led me to the back entrance that has a gate with no key pad, and the only way in is with the resident sticker on car. I u turned to pull over and to run it off the stop seeing as it was 10 blocks away versus driving atleast 5 miles to get to the other side. I saw a resident coming so the bright colored crayon that i am followed her in. She was almost pass the gate that swings out then stops and starts to reverse. This butch was taking her miserable life out on a ups driver that could be delivering to her house. She starts moving forward and i proceed. Apparently theres a gate that swings vertical that is a foot away from the gate that swings out. So that vertical gate clips the back of the truck falls off. I pull over call sup immediately they tell me stay put until they figure something out. The lady comes over tells me she said that i cant go through this gate. I said mam you never said anything in fact you forced the gate to close on me. She drives away. Manager comes out and we put the pole back on the arm. It was fastened by plastic nuts so its designed to fall off. He said he spoke to his boss and told him ive been doing good on the route and that there is no damage to truck or gate. The residents said the gate falls off all the time. His boss told him that i need to understand that i cant talk about it in the center. My manager said that Im lucky that i couldve been dq because of my 30 days. I told him i thought i was. He then says if the company of the community claims it to be damaged then ill be in some bs. I just want to hear other peoples thougts. Im worried that i screwed myself out of driving and not sure about employment as well. Ive heard of employees keeping their jobs over worse :censored2:. I am unionized and circumsized.
Inquiring minds want to know, what does being unionized have to do with being circumcised?


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"Oy, I was at Mr. Blonde's circumcision.
I didn't take much off so I almost gave back the tip.
Almost.....my prices are fair and it was a long ride."
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