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  1. I finished driver school the last week of April and started driving a week or so after. I got 3 days into a route and was told that I had to start a new route and restart my 30 days. I was/am unsure if my 30 days could start over due to a route change, but regardless, I am now on my 10th day of my new route and recently started struggling. The route I am currently on was done by a f/t driver for the last 3-4 years with 20-30 less stops than I am assigned now. After going over the route with him to try to gain insight to ways to speed up, he expressed amazement in the idea that they expect this much of a rookie. Any advice on how to be quicker or talk with the sup about my amount of stops?
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    You need to suck it up and get it done.

    You also need to talk to your shop steward about the fact that those other days do count towards your 30. Or better yet, do not say anything and when it comes time for your check ride, if you already have 30 days (including the other route), you will have made seniority.
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    30 days is 30 days whether it's on the same route or different routes. The only time your 30 days starts over if if they extending it because you haven't "" made the number "" also then can extended if you call in. Stand up for yourself and stop letting them walk all over you. Read your local supplement and national contract and know what your rights are and what the contract says about your 30 days. They will tell you everything and anything to use and abuse you if you don't know your rights..

    Keep track of your days from the first day you started and go talk to your steward and see what they have to say. Before you talk to your steward read the contract about your 30 day probation period so you know the rules just in case he's a company guy....
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    If they disqualify you for any reason, I would file a grievance, for changing routes while qualifying.


    Just keep quiet unless they say you didn't make it. If they do say you didn't make it get representation. Say you did over 30 days and have passed. But if they dq you before your actual 30 days, say they violated your probation by taking you off your training route and placing you on another route.

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    It took me almost 9 months to finish my 30 day packet. Best advice I got was to stick to the methods and let supervision worry about numbers. If you rush and get into an accident you're on the sidelines for the next year. Stick to the methods and you'll gain speed over time with experience.

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    How the hell? Where I work, a driver in their 30 days can't be bumped off a route by anyone except a full time driver.
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    I worked only a day here and a day there ... took forever