30 day probation period. A few Q's

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  1. Ok so I started driving in August and slowly got up to around 19 days before the "peak season" date started. I've been driving every day since just about. My questions are as follows and I really appreciate you guys taking the time to look and answer.

    1) What day did my driving days stop counting towards my 30? I've heard too many different answers.

    2) What day do they start counting again? Same, too many answers.

    3) Lastly, if a route were to open up and I bid/won it before I got my 30 days, would I fall into that position where you start at around $17/hr until you get too pay in 3 years?
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    Ask your shop steward. All the questions you are asking are completely based off the local supplement you would fall into. No one here will give you accurate answers. Good luck.
  3. I guess I'm at the mercy of the OR sups then. I have asked 2 stewards and they both gave different answers and said "I think." I don't see how the 30 days is local though. I thought it was when peak started and peak ended.
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    Call the hall, regional supplements have different definitions of when peak starts. Some start Oct 15 while others start Nov 1 going through Dec 31.

    If you started driving after August, you will fall into the 4 year progression, and get the same as you get now. I don't think you can win a rte during your probation period.
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  6. Just wanted to update this thread in case others in the future have similar questions.

    I went through peak being told none of my days were counting because it was peak. Once January came, I asked around when peak ended here and kept getting different answers so I went straight to the local union president and he set me straight. He first asked if I was training to be full time or a cover driver. I answered cover driver and he said, "Oh, you're good then. Your days during peak count towards your 30 if you're training to be a TCD but if you are going straight into full time, those days do not count."

    Needless to say I was happy to hear this and am proud to say I made my 30 days. So now if a spot opens up and I win the bid, my pay rate will not fall under any progression status and I'll keep my cover driver pay rate.

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