30 Day Qualifing Route??

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  1. Clemson78

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    Just a few questions regarding the current Qualifing Route I've been assigned.
    I'm currently trying to qualify, I've been given a route which consists of 53 miles 144 stops and I've been delivering roughly 275+ packages. I'm on day 22 counting 5 days of undergrad.
    My sup told me the route has to be increased in order for it be a Qualifing route?? So u only have 8 days to qualify?? Does this sound right???
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    What? I cannot make sense of what you typed.

    Every center and every route is different.

    I was never told anything whatsoever when I started. And was not told anything when I hit my 30 days.

    You need to find out what they want. if it doesn't make sense then have a talk with Stewart. Stewart is a good guy who knows a lot.
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    That's the sup's way of saying they've realized they should have upped your stop count earlier in your qualifying period. Which is management's problem. Keep doing what you're doing and don't worry about it. Grieve it if they somehow try to axe days from your qualification period. But not until you've been on the road delivering for enough days to have qualified.
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    All depends on the route and how screwed ‘driver wise’ they are. Don’t worry, if you qualify, they’ll abuse you soon enough.

    They typically give you a lighter load first 3-8 days depending on how quick you pick it up and type of route.

    One route they qualify on around my building is industrial and only has 95-110 stops typically whereas one I qualified on is ‘suppose’ to be capped at 150 but constantly had/has 170-180 stops with 300-380 pieces PLUS around 15 pickups, but half the pickups are ‘smart’ and drop from the board. Orion shows last stop in the 7-8pm range frequently.

    If there’s traffic issues or heavy pickups, it quickly turns into getting back at 9-9:30 and 15 miles over because of running air/international back by 7:30.

    BUT. Don’t worry, beatin Orion time and/or mileage by 1-2 hours/miles will somehow still show you as 1-1.5hrs OVER according to their metics chart.
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    Kiss the ring and burn it up!
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    School does not count towards your 30 days.
    Lately, I have seen trainees go out with 6 hour planned days for their 1st week and a half and that is bumped up every day after that.
    I am getting kind of tired of bosses letting some slide 'because they really need the job.' I had 2 weeks off, the person that ran my route went out with a 7 hour dispatch and was 2 hours over every day.