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  1. Camping Nana

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    Congratulations to DH for recently completing 35 years of service with UPS! :thumbsup:

    I appreciate your efforts to provide for your family! Your integrity, character and loyalty through the years are admirable!

  2. dannyboy

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    yup, and after 5 more, you get a 5% discount coupon for to the bionic body parts store for those little parts that are worn out:wink2:


  3. Baba gounj

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    I'll need your input about those parts in 3 years.:happy-very:
  4. Monkey Butt

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    Grats to your husband and you. I know that a UPSer's spouse deserves congrats as well. UPS is a demanding company.
    Hope you two are looking forward to spending more time together in a few years !?!?!?
    Think you can out up with him 24/7? :wink2:

    I have 36 and retirement will be coming in the next 5 yrs.
    Take care and good luck.
  5. trplnkl

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    congrats to both of you. I'm just looking finish 20 years. To get 35, I'd have to work till I was 73
  6. Camping Nana

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    Oh yeah - I could put up with him 24/7 - The question may be - Could he put up with me? :happy2: Yes, we are so looking forward to retirement. The housing market has kind of messed up our plans - but hopefully, in the not too distant future, we begin that adventure. Our motto for many years has been.... "come grow old with me - the best is yet to be...."

    As far as being a UPS spouse, yes, there have been times I have wanted to cream some of the supervisors he has had; but ironically enough - most of those are no longer with the company. For the most part, it has been a great ride! UPS has been good to us and we are very appreciative of that!

    Thanks to all of you for your congrats!
  7. Tony31yrs

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    Congratulations, but check into your pension. We had a feeder driver who had 38 years in and was eligible for Social Security too. He was losing over $20,000 a year by working. Sadly, when he finally realized this and retired, he developed a brain tumor and died within a year. Get some hobbies and enjoy life while you can.
  8. Covemastah

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    How sad,ain't that the way things end sometimes!! we had a guy retire here about 15 yrs ago.To celebrate two other p/c drivers took him to Florida to go fishing for his retirement celebation>They were hit head on by a dump truck killing two of them they 3rd guy was in bad shape but lived and did come back to work!!!:sad-little:
  9. Camping Nana

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    Thanks for the congrats - regarding pension - we have met with the representative and know what we would be getting - that isn't the issue. We want to relocate when we retire and the housing market has put a real crimp in our plans. Social Security ??? Well, he started at UPS at 22 - so he is about about 5 years shy of collecting any Social Security - hope it is still around in 5 years.... :happy-very: