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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 407steward, May 25, 2013.

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    Over the coming weeks I bet nobody posts on this thread from 396 except TOS.
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    396 right here
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    396 in da house.
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    Alright late start an agitator.
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    Is it true that Ron H is worried as hell about all the people following Richard G and his NO Vote movement? Ron H is in office because of UPS, everyone knows sanitation has never supported him. Looks like the Richard G Slate has a strong chance of sending Ron H into early retirement in the upcoming Local 396 Election. It would be awesome to see the rank-and-file defeat someone who no longer believes in fighting for his members as opposed to promoting the agenda of Junior and Ken "Red Neck" hall.
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    LOCAL 396!!!
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    Any of you guys hear about some sort of confrontation between the guys from Olympic and H when he showed up to push for that "Yes" vote?
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    NO, but he is avoiding both van nuys and san fernando.

    Only cornejo and turner are doing the bidding for Ron. Both are facing large crowds of NO VOTERS.

    Both cant answer any questions and can only say "I am only telling you what Ive been told to tell you".... QUOTE.

    There is NO doubt that Ron does not want to hold a contract meeting exclusively for the members. He has done nothing to assemble all the UPSers in our local to address this contract. Excuse after excuse but no meeting.


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    I guess its 396's turn to air its dirty laundry like we did (do) in local 804. Difference is the person that started our wonderful thread was trying to undermine the new e/b we elected 3 and 1/2 years ago. I even think that person was one of the old board members just trying to stir the pot with attacks and lies and rumors so that he could waltz right back to his old job. Well THAT DIDNT HAPPEN. Anyway, i hope this thread could be a force of positive change for you guys. Seems your e/b isnt very responsive to its rank and file. Good luck with your NO campaign. Keep it civil and dont get personal. Stick to the facts and the need to make a positive change to put in place a group of leaders that truly represents your membership and isnt hopelessly tied to Hoffa/hall. They are supposed to work for you NOT BE THE SALESMEN FOR HOFFA/hall!!
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    Indeed, in our local, what started out to be a group of people dedicated to the membership and its needs slowly turned into "YES" men for the internatinal. RON promised NEVER to be a politician when he was asking to be elected for his first term. Since, he rarely, if ever, shows up at the yards. He is always out of town involving himself in other locals business under the premise of bringing recognition to our local. Recognition for what is the key question.

    His Eboard has failed to take care of members. His agents are weak as a used tea bag and the company has had their way with ALL of them over the last 6 years.

    Now, with this contract, the reality of the weakness of the H administration comes to the surface for all to see. RON is a nice guy personally, a good family man, but as a leader, he is now only concerned with his political future within the teamsters.

    Like in all administrations with the teamsters, some officers just overstay thier welcome. RON has worn out his welcome in our local. The members see it first hand with his support of this proposal.

    Sure, there will always be supporters, but those are wearing thin lately and most are the guys who will support anything RON says as long as their is a HAT, SHIRT, JACKET, BRIEFCASE or trip involved.

    The first time RON ran for office, he recieved 2755 votes and won the election. Every three years since, those numbers continue to drop. In the last re-election, he only recieved 1954 votes. A TREND that continues to spiral downwards.

    NOW, with the members angry over losing our superior health care coverage, it will be easier to remove him from office. The last opponent to run against him received 955 votes and that was with a guy that isnt really liked, but what it tells you is that the anti H crowd is growing and if you factor in 4 or 5 thousand angry UPS teamsters, then you can see the handwriting on the wall.

    There are people out in the wings ready to make moves, but we have to see how this contract plays out before laying any cards on the table.

    Personally, I wish RON had stuck to his pledge that he made in the begining. Unfortunately, RON is too involved in outside political adventures to care enough about our members and it shows.

    If he truly wanted to represent the membership, then he would schedule a contract meeting asap, then listen to the members, then encourage a NO vote to the membership and go back to HOFFA / hall and say he made a MISTAKE when he endorsed this proposal.

    WE are suppose to come first, and NOT RONS political career. That does not seem to be the case.


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    Hey 804 brown why don't you stop being the SALESMAN for fat ass and tell them to take that piece of s%$t supplement and shove it where the sun don't shine.
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    Why don't you take it to the 804 thread. This one is for 396 guys. They don't want to hear about your problems.
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    396 here. What exactly is this "agitator" talk?
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    Here's another little tidbit for the UPSers at local 396.

    Recently, there have been a few "DE-CERTIFICATION" votes at rubbish yards and another coming up. These votes are by the members who want to "rid" themselves of the teamster representation by local 396.

    Can you imagine that these votes against H along with the 4 or 5 thousand angry UPS teamsters would do to RON's Re-election chances?

    They aint doing any better in rubbish either.

    Ron needs to do himself a huge favor and reccommend a no vote before he talks himself out of a job.