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    We recently started having to enter a 4 digit pin number in the diad , what is this feature for exactly. And how is the pin number re-entered to access whatever is being protected. ( I specifically want to be able to go back in an change/verify helper ID, is this the way it is done)?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The pin number is in conjuction with My Choice.
  3. AKX

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    Exactly, you should have done some DIAD training a month or so ago explaining My Choice and the use of the pin and its purpose.
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    My Choice offers the consignee the option of signing for signature required packages electronically, which is all I have seen on my end. The stop shows up in EDD with the letter E for "Electronic Signature" on the far left of the address. They can also send the driver info like gate codes and other specialized info, so thats why the DIAD now has this safety feature. As far as PIN numbers go, I just use the last four numbers for my cell phone for my DIAD 4 and my helper's DIAD 3.