40 years on the job, Abilene UPS driver remains cheerful

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    40 years on the job, Abilene UPS driver remains cheerful - Reporter News

    Garcia has been a driver for the United Parcel Service for 40 years. If that’s not impressive enough: He has not had an accident, and has not called in sick — ever. Think of it this way: When he started in 1973, the Uniform Product Code, or UPC bar code, was just being introduced; the abortion debate was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court; and President Richard Nixon ordered the last of the troops out of Vietnam.

    “I was just a young punk when I started,” Garcia said. “I love everything about this job; I love the challenge, I love wearing the uniform and I am very proud of my customers.”
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    I love how it says he is often seen running to make his commitments. That doesn't seem to be a safe work method.

    Just saying.

    It is a great story and I wish more UPSers (myself included) had as strong of a work ethic
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    Why do we get sickdays ?Im glad he is not in my hub.