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hey all. Does anyone know when you change your percentages, or the funds themselves, do the changes happen now or is there a period of time that one has to wait for it to happen?


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Usually it happens within a few business days.
You will receive notification by snail mail of your changes with all necessary info included.


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Some of the funds have a waiting period to prevent volatility. This ensures that you can't buy/sell day-by-day, making the funds volatile. I believe with the government treasury funds there is a waiting period before you can go back in and purchase them.

With the equity index funds, you should be able to make the purchase the next business day.


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Interesting you would bring this up. I made some changes on May 7th. I was told they would take effect on the 9th. They took effect today. (15th) This was all online.


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I don't know what funds that you were invested in, but here is some information from the Savings Plus site:

Fund restriction:
"Contributions and loan repayments made to the EAFE International Index Fund must remain invested in the fund for 30 calendar days to avoid a 2% redemption fee."

"Contributions generally post to your account on the third business day of the week following the week you received your paycheck."

Hope this helps.