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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by spitt2000, Apr 8, 2006.

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  2. spitt2000

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    Sorry for the caps!
  3. 25yrvet

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    Since you put your trust in mgt why don't you ask them.
  4. spitt2000

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    what kind of answer is that?
  5. trickpony1

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    ....a good one.
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    I think that what 25yr vet is trying to tell you is that since you don't want to be part of the brotherhood that is the teamsters and still work at UPS, that is essentially a slap in the face to all of us who have worked for years and trusted in the teamster organization to make this a good job with a decent retirement and benefits. What people like you who prefer to be non-union do is undermine the years of work that has been done and also threaten our retirement and very possibly our jobs, so since you have faith that management will always take care of you and guarantee you a job and decent retirement you should be able to go to them for all of your financial question with the same faith that they will guide you in the proper direction that will provide the most fruitful return on your investments.
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    I wish I knew how to vote since the format of BrownCafe has changed.
    I would rate that last response a 5 star!
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    amen to that xracer!!:thumbup1:
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    Consider the condition of the Central States Pension Fund when deciding who to trust. Frankly, the rank and file in the Central States would be secure and enjoying a relaxed retirement if UPS had prevailed in the 97 negotations. I find it amazing that the rank and file would blindly back the union and lash out at the employer who tossed them a life ring when they were in trouble. Rather than reflexively attacking the employer, consider the circumstances and make the best financial choice.
  10. abbear

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    Yes. Join management. That is the only way.
  11. spitt2000

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    Far be it from me to let this pass,

    People like me who prefer to be non-union....
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    I have worked here for over 7 mos, could not even tell you who the "union" guy is...Nobody has ever bothered to ask me to join.. and with a sales pitch like that you really missed your calling, I really want in now. I just asked a simple question and you guys jump me like a buch of carjackers! I have no idea how it is where you live, but shouldn't somebody bother to ask guys to join? I just has a simple 401k question... Maybe your bretheren need your sales skills. Membership would skyrocket! wow, me a mgt lackey? you really have me pegged... later
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    I totally agree with reitreddone, how can you trust the union anymore, not that I ever did anyway, and I have been a driver for more than 27 yrs, as I see it they have messed up my pension big time at least those of us in the Central States
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    I would trade in the pension benefit for a company match in my 401K any day. At least I would have something when i retire. Don't know if the pension will even be there.
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    I totally agree. Git r' done
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    I can certainly understand your thinking & frustration with SOME of the pension plans. On the other hand I'm not planning on being with ups another 15 years till I can FINALLY draw from my 401k (59.5 years old).

    My example, retire early --in 2 years--only 1,653$ a month ("projected")--save or regain my sanity, keep what's left of my health, cut back on expenses, push the last kid out the door, P/T fun job, pack the wife's lunch-slap her on her skinny butt & say, 'Have a nice day."--She loves her job!
    Keep working 48 hours a week :mad: , 7 weeks vacation :thumbup1: , great pay & benefits, loose the rest of my sanity.

    I think my answer is somewhere in the middle
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    I don't know about rules getting out of the Teamster plans while still working. You can always stop your contribution, but your tax liabilities would greatly increase. I rolled my 401K into another IRA after retiring, and it has done well. Seeing what has happened in the Central States is cause enough for anyone to diversify their holdings and consider who is managing their money.
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    You click on the scales of justice under your name........
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    Thanks. I should know that.
    Haven't heard from you in a while, where have you been?
    I was starting to get concerned.
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    As was I. Good to have u back, Tooner!