500-mile weeks, 120-stop days, minutes into wedding invites: The life of a UPS driver


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It's quite an accomplishment to be accident free for 25 years or more. I had one on road accident when a 4-wheeler tries to lane merge in front of me from the right at about 1-2mph. I didn't see him. My fault. We did not have the hood mirrors at the time but that is not an excuse.

and had several very slight bumps in the yard while shifting. Most drivers said I was dumb for reporting them since most don't.

a couple times the supe said forgetaboutit if there was no shop work necessary.

when i first started feeder in 1993 , a real feeder accident was almost unheard of and when one did happenit was thetalk of the town for awhile. The last 3 or so years I was there was several accidents a week.