6 Locals in the Southwest, L-89 and L-177 Switching to NO 6 Years Later!

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  1. Hawfuh Sux

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    The following locals voted like this in 2007:
    Southwest Locals 63 (Riverside-San Bernardino); 104 (Arizona); 396 (Los Angeles); 542 (San Diego), 631 (Las Vegas); 952 (Orange County) :
    Local 89:
    Local 177:
    Total Votes:
    7,815-3,231 for a total of 11,046.

    The 11,000 that would have been needed to tilt the 2007 ratification NO are here in these 8 locals. These 8 locals are on superior Union Health Plans and have been campaigning hard for a NO vote!

    Note that these areas voted overwhelmingly YES in 2007 and will vote overwhelmingly No this time around (2013) and in greater numbers because the word is out and people are enraged!
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    now your talkn!!!
  3. smart girl

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    This is a great and encouraging number of UPSers that also see this TA is full of concessions. Like I said before the Perfect Storm caused by UPS and we are not going to be bullied and taken for granted anymore.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The TA will pass by a 2:1 margin and it will be business as usual August 1.
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  6. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    The ink will be dry long before that. Lol
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    I truly believe that for the first time ever you 3 are in for a big surprise. It's going to be nail biting close and could go either way.
    You folks just have no clue how angry we are about losing our UPS health care.
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    I agree. It's going to be close.
  9. East coast navy

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    The only way that is going to happen is if more members vote. And we all no that isn't going to happen. So keep dreaming.
  10. balland chain

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    I pray to GOD that this TA does not pass and I thank the Locals listed above for keeping their members best interest at heart.. Too bad other Locals are not doing the same..I am one, but I say thank you !
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    It would surely go down if each member was actually given the new TEAMCARE summary plan description of what is going to happen to their benefits. Educated voters would vote this garbage down. It should be illegal for a vote to proceed without the complete details and cost analysis of the TEAMCARE plan. Most locals would not even post the TEAMCARE plan that is in place now. Legal action most likely will be forthcoming when members actually get the new TEAMCARE lack of coverage details after the vote has been decided.
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    I'm in local 104, our leaders are still saying vote "yes". I have not met a fellow driver in my center voting "yes" though.
  13. rpoz11

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    browned out

    No one knows, including WC BA's.
    No one can provide any documentation on exactly what these enhancements will be.
    They offer their opinion, but that's all it is until proof in writing is presented to all bargaining members.
    It's hilarious, but actually : more insulting that Stewards still continue to sell the dollar.

    What happens IF the health care costs go over that dollar proposal?

    There are NO written guarantees in this proposal agreement for any and all health care changes being presented.
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    Re: browned out

    There is langauge in the TA that says in the event costs exceed what ups pays them, they can divert your pension contributions towards that cost. Now with health care costs rising every year, and UPS only paying a set amount what do you think is going to happen down the line.
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    Re: browned out

    For clarity... pension contributions OR pension contribution increases during the life of the Contract?

    If it is as you state, then there is no way in hell that anyone should be voting YES because the trustees of TeamCare could independently jeopardize the pensions of every participant in TeamCare. The only language that I find in the TA has to do with re-allocating "designated increases in Health & Welfare and/or pension contributions (HWPC) and/or general wage increases (GWI)".

    BTW, this is NOT new language and this language has been used in the past to divert general wage increases in the past (at least in some jurisdictions). The change in the language is that the entire general wage increase can be diverted in the TA rather than up to the limits in past language.
  16. Wally

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    I am in 177. It will pass.
  17. opie

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    I'm in Local 177 also. But I think it won't pass. Strong no support at my building.
  18. East coast navy

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    I am also in 177. Not looking good. Lots of no's. I think the supplement will pass.
  19. Hawfuh Sux

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    Your guy Andy M was down here in Southern California and damn did he make an ass out of himself. If he couldn't convince his own local to vote YES how did he expect to convince us in Southern California where the cost of living is outrages!
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    Honest question... Why haven't my union brothers and sisters not already in TeamCare, not cried foul that so many of us in CS aren't getting the same benefits they are?

    Don't we all put our monkey suit on and push boxes in the same manner? Are you somehow more deserving of superior FREE healthcare than myself and my family? Why aren't you :censored2: off that I'm already getting shafted deeper than you, Brother?

    Why haven't you stood up before now? Did you suddenly find your voice when "my problem" landed on your doorstep?