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    Anyone hear anything on a new 705 deal? Deadline approaches.
  2. 705red

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    Negotiations started this morning.
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    Thanks for the link; interesting. I'm 710 and our negotiations are in process but neither side is budging yet. So far just hot-air yak.

    I noticed 705 wants to allow full time employees to bid on 22.3 jobs. Wouldn't that be bidding down?
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    I don't understand. A 22.3 job is full-time, what's the problem with full-time employees bidding on full-time jobs?
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    It may not be bidding down. I was just wondering about pay scale, job classification and so forth. Our center won't allow us to bid on a lesser paying job so maybe it would depend on top pay for that position?
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    22.3 jobs are a little more flexible with the family life for some people. Not everyone likes to work 9am to 8pm most of the time.
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    Our sole 22.3 in my center went there from F/T driving, is that not allowed?
  9. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    In most locals or regions I'm confident it is allowed, but not sure about that. I know in our local 25 it certainly is on the biannual bid. All F/T jobs are juggled here. Check your supplement
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    Looks like the 2 sides couldn't be farther apart.
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    our building the full-time drivers are most of the ones that have gotten the 22.3 jobs.seniority rules here when those jobs are posted pters have no chance and drivers do not get replaced so pters are still waiting to get a shot at ft
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    I need some clarification. It says on the website that was posted in this thread that all that is underlined is to be added to the current language. So... that means what exactly? Anything underlined is for sure going to be part of the new contract? How could anything be certain if the contract is yet to be agreed upon? So are the part timer pay raises a sure thing then? Please clear this up for me. Thanks.
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    The 705 & UPS committees must come up with a tentative agreement (incorporating all the changes) which will then be voted on by the union members. If the members vote yes, it's a contract. If they vote no, the committees go back to the bargaining table.
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    Once you bid on a 22.3 position and get it. You are locked into that position. Their is no lateral movement from your 22.3 to another 22.3, or driver position, or back down to part-time status. The only 2 movements a 22.3 is allowed is upward towards management or 2 quit.:not_fair:
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    Here 22.3 can bid laterally for jobs description and start time. They can also go on the seniority sheet to go into package car.
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    Remember these are proposals from ups to the union and the union to ups. Anything that is underlined that party would like to insert into the contract, anything that has a line through it that party would like to have it deleted. Both sides have wording they would like to insert or remove and that is done through the process. Nothing is set in stone at this time, however there are tentative agreements on some aspects of the contract.

    There are as of right now 8 dates scheduled to meet to get a contract in place by 8/1/08.

    The website gets updated with all proposals union and ups's almost daily.
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    By August 1st we may just close Cach down as part of our cost cutting measures.:happy-very:
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    If you really want to cut costs you can eliminate the ie department, they have been a useless part of this company for way to long.

    Another idea would be to eliminate the business development department. When was the last time a bd rep actually found businessby themselves? If it wasnt for the drivers turning in the sales leads they wouldnt be bale to cash their check. Once we do turn in the sales lead we have a telemarketer call and talk to the customer. If the bd rep cant close this deal after the driver and the pakistan telemarketer talked to the customer they should be taken out back like a wounded horse.

    As to your comment about august 1st i would not recommend adding any fuel to the fire here. Give both sides the oppurtunity to come to an agreement with out throughing threats around. You never know they might call you to come here and load packages out of the cach facility if we decide not to work after august 1st.
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    I see many part timers with the 8 1 and we are done shirts but no full time drivers... I wonder how many f/t drivers would strike with the part timers? Most drivers I speak with are saying that they would not.