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Umm because im 705 and i got a life. Wife 2 kids 2 fantasy 🏈 teams and i start working overnight for double pay in a few hours. Are u in 710.

Netsua 3:16

In California we'd say
"$700k house? What is he poor?"

I like how he tries to insinuate that he's corrupt because he bought a $700k home. Lol
Yeah man, my house is “nice,” everything I ever wanted garage big backyard putting green sports room etc. But really it ain’t that special at all, just another cookie cutter “nice cul de sac neighborhood.” We just happen to live in an expensive area, and I didn’t care about the high price because I could easily afford it and it met every criteria. At some point you just pull the trigger.


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Maybe he was trying to insinuate that hes on the way out. Either way just wondering the politics within 710 after the great OZ win. Il spill the beans once i talk to my 710 friends but im not sure when il see them.