80-Year-Old Chicago Man Kills Armed Home Invader

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    Thank God this man had a gun to protect himself and his wife:

    An 80-year-old Chicago man shot and killed an armed man who broke into his two-story house in a pre-dawn home invasion Wednesday on the city's West Side.
    At about 5:20 a.m., the homeowner and his wife, also in her 80s, discovered the intruder entering their home through a back door. The homeowner, who had a gun, confronted and killed the burglar on the doorstep, police said. Cops said the intruder also fired his gun during the struggle.
    "It's a good thing they had a gun, or they might be dead," said Curtis Thompson, who lives next door to the couple, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.
    Neighbors described the elderly couple, who both walk with canes, as pillars of the community in Garfield Park, where home invasions have been all too frequent.
    Their neighbor, Shaquite Johnson, told MyFoxChicago that the two are "heroes" for fighting off the attacker — and that the shooting means there is "one less criminal" walking the streets.
    "They don't bother no one, so why would anyone do that to them?" she said.
    Relatives of the couple told the Sun Times that the man is an Army veteran, his wife a former nurse. Police said neither the man nor the woman was injured in the attack.
    The assailant, who was described by police as being in his 30s, was found slumped on the back doorstep of the couple's house, removed four hours after the shooting, the Sun Times reported.
    No charges have been filed against the homeowner, but Chicago currently has a statute outlawing the possession of handguns. Its legality is currently being decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.
    A high-profile Chicago attorney has already stepped forward offering to represent the man pro bono if he faces charges for possessing a weapon.
    "Self-defense isn't just a right, it's a duty," said attorney Joel Brodsky. "If this man is prosecuted for saving his own life it's not just a travesty, it's justice turned inside out."

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    Yeah, and you forgot to add this from the initial report :

    Sorry, just thought it was funny ! :)
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    That was a hoot Klein...thanks. :wink2:

    Its great to see that he and his wife are OK and it could have turned out different if he was not armed.
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    I know why you left the Obama shirt out of the story. MMMM, maybe you be a hater?
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    Actually its not in that report if you read it? Maybe you need to look a little closer or click on the link provided. What Klein posted was funny though. Maybe you can ask him where he found it. As far as being a Obama Hater...just as much as your a Bush Hater.:wink2:
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    Elderly Chicago Man Shows Why We Should All Own Guns

    Because many of the creeps who break into homes own them as well:

    Though this happened in Chicago where, to my knowledge (anybody else know differently?), guns are still outlawed it seems the police are being decent enough not to pursue any charges against him. Of course we all know what would have happened to this elderly man and his family if had lived the liberal dream and given up his evil guns long ago. They’d be dead… pure and simple.
    Here’s what the elderly man’s son said about exactly how everything happened:​
    The son said the intruder, armed with a pistol, came in through a rear window and ran up a rear staircase, banging on his locked door before running downstairs and being shot in a confrontation with the older man.
    The intruder shot first before the veteran fired back and killed him, the son said and police confirmed.
    “Evidently, he missed,” the son said of the intruder. “My father had no choice. It was him or the other guy.

    A couple of months ago, the man — a Korean war veteran with three children and six grandkids — had been robbed at gunpoint at his home by three intruders, his son said. The robbers took $150, he said — and his father bought a gun and vowed never to be a victim again.
    “If homeowners can’t have guns to defend themselves and their families, there’s going to be more home invasions,” the son said. “My father’s glad he had a weapon. He did what he had to do.”
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    I think it is hypocritical of Mayor Daley and the Chicago PD not to press charges against the man for willfully violating Chicago's ban on handgun posession.

    They wont do it because they are too chickensh%$. The know damn good and well that public opinion--as well as the NRA--will eat them alive over the hypocracy and stupidity of their unconstitutional gun ban. They dont have the balls to put an 80 yr old war veteran on trial for defending himself and his wife from armed thugs, so they will sweep it under the rug and try to forget that it ever happened.

    Mayor Daley has the luxury of being able to spew out his anti-gun hysterics while being protected 24/7 by armed bodyguards. He could care less about the safety of his subjects...er, citizens....who he obviously feels are unworthy of the same level of protection that he enjoys.
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    Yeah, but I hate Bush for the things he did while being President. You hate Obama for something completely different. You haters started in on him , trying to find some dirt and when you could not and saw that he actually takes blame for his actions, is open minded and solves problems, and is respected around the world more than most Presidents. You realized how stupid you are for supporting a lying stubborn idiot that caused this world disaster in the first place.[-][-][/-][/-]
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    Cant find dirt? ( Let me pick me self up off the floor, I fell off my chair)
    I used to despise him just for his radical views, now I can dislike him for his total incompetency.
  10. unionman

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    Incompetency? Why, did he start a war against a country for some fabricated lie he made up and got the world to believe and now our credibility will never be the same. Guys been in office one year and you make it sound like he has been in there for eight. economy is improving, peace prize excepted, healthcare reform accomplished and now wallstreet is on the run. All things I voted him in office to do.
  11. trplnkl

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    You sure have a wrapped remembrance of all that has happened in the last 10 or so years. I won't bother pointing out all of your twists, because you will never admit any of them. Keep your hate, for without it you have nothing.
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    I'm curious, what good has happened in the last ten years. The attack, the bubble popping, Katrina, losing my job. I don't know where you're coming from unless you meant the tax break Bush gave you that created this deficit.
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    Healthcare Radical ?...Reaching out to your Allies, radical ?...Investing in a green future, radical ? Reducing Nuclear threat, radical ?...Reducing our income taxes, radical ?....And ToonyII, you can't deny Obama is continuing some of the same policies as Bush, such as "War on Terror", wireless wiretapping and immunity to Comm Co's, Guantamano, Bailouts.....etc
    What radicalism are you spewing...in fact, he's more centrist than anyone predicted. Could it be that the Left has moved Right, and the Right has moved to a Pyscho Ward ?

    As far as the 80 yr old man defending his home with a handgun, I feel every law abiding US citizen in Anywhere, USA has the right to protect themselves and their property.....Now don't spit your coffee out Sober :wink2:...That doesn't mean we should have people walking around the streets like Jesse Ventura in "Predator" garnished with a 50 Calibur and a vest made of bullets...
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    You mean spitting on our allies. Yup, that's radical
    What you mean here is deevolving the U.S. economy just like Obama's science czar wants. Yup, thats radical
    Because he is doing so much to stop Iran from producing a nuclear weapon
    Get ready for 2011 as the government is going to be taking a lot more from your paycheck
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