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    I've been driving the same route for a little over a year. I wanted to 9-5 the route, but was told I can only 9-5 a route if it is my "bid" route. I asked my manager to put up the bid up for the route, but his response was that the route has been deemed a training route therefore cannot be put up for bid. This confused me because 2 other drivers have bid on and off the route with in the last 4 years.

    P.s.- Why does my sup. continuously preach "No distracted driving.", but during my ride alongs my same sup. constantly talks to me and asks me questions that distract me from focusing on my job?
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    Our center used to have just one training route and, yes, it was on the bid sheet. We now have one training route per loop (5 loops) and each are designated as such on the bid sheet. You should talk to your steward or BA about this as the route should be a bid route.

    As for the distracted driving, a professional driver should be able to both focus on the road and answer DOK questions at the same time. Of the two focusing on the road is of course more important but you should be able to do both.
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    LMAO! The company preaches, AT LENGTH to have no in cab distractions. Well, some idiot wearing a pair of browns to sit and WATCH me work asking me meaningless drivel all day is certainly distracting. Are you sure you're not a FT sup?
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    Are you seriously telling me that you can't drive and talk at the same time? Do you have trouble walking and chewing gum?
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    What few people realize is that the distraction of talking while driving has little to do with having one hand on a phone.The distraction lies in the mental ability it takes to have a fully engaged conversation while successfully executing a task that requires all five senses. Once any sort of heated, excited, or insert-your-own-emotion-here conversation kicks up, driving becomes a much more dangerous task.

    Just as talking on a phone can be distracting, talking to a passenger can be even worse.
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    Exactly talking on a cell phone has been deemed quite a distraction. Just pull over at the closest safe place and tell them ok now as me.
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    Yeah it's not the talking they distracts me it's the thinking. So I usually just answer what I can without thinking about it. That's not very much.
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    That route should go up for bid file a grievance if need be. Also depending on your local you may be able to file 9.5 even if its not your bid route.
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    I can do many things at the same time, but if the company is saying they don't want in cab distractions then they shouldn't have a supervisor there doing anything that may be a distraction.

    I have no problem reciting the dok, despite the annoyance of being asked, but if they say a driver shouldn't be distracted asking any question, dok or not, while a driver is on road it should not be allowed. If they asked a driver after they have stopped and are about to deliver a package, or are coming back to the pc, fine.

    While the odds are low, if a driver had an accident while a sup was asking the dok while they were driving, do you really think that somewhere along the line they wouldn't say the driver was distracted or not paying attention to the road?
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    Are you seriously this much of a tool? I CAN do many things at the same time. However, when the company spend WAY too much time AND money telling me to avoid in-cab distractions, I a certainly going to avoid it. End of discussion.
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    He does this in order to avoid having to pay you for any additional "meeting" time to ask questions or discuss safey.

    A simple method for dealing with this whenever he starts running his mouth is to simply pull over, shut the engine off, and say "what you are saying is important, but its hard for me to hear you over the noise of the engine. I cant give you my undivided attention and focus on the 10 pt commentary and the 5 seeing habits at the same time." after the 3rd or 4th time, he will get the hint.
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    Can I drive down the highway in my Prius and chat with my wife at the same time? Yes.

    Can I drive down a rutted gravel road in a P-700 screaming out safety acronyms and commentaries over the noise of the diesel engine while at the same time focusing on driving safely, planning ahead and memorizing my next 5 stops? No.