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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Thms, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Thms

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    Was wondering who all is taking taking part in this 9/5 list
  2. midwestmess

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    started the first week in January, and filed my first grievance the first week in January
  3. 728ups

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    I got on it the first week of the year. They have ridden with me twice and try to intimidate those of us on it but I can stare em down. Do the job by the methods,run your route as close to 100% in trace,and look good on the telematics report. nothing they can do then. i work ten plus hours 2 days a week and right at 9.5 the other three,except when i use my 8 hour requests
  4. Gumby

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    Do the samething here. My boss said if you file one more 9/5 grievance,you will have a later start time! I said that will help me get done sooner and I wont feel bad about my late air or when I call off exactly one hour before my startime."Lets go for it!!!" Oh no I was just saying thats what might happen!! What an A-hole!!!
  5. oldtymer

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    you don't have to sign back up again in January or June. You can get on the list any time during the year and stay on for 5 months (excluding peak). Keep track of when you went on and mark your calendar so you can be added back on in 6 months.
  6. stink219

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    And depending on your supplemental bid language, you may have the ability to bump. That's how it is where I am.
  7. 804brown

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    I think you mean you can be added back on in 5 months. Anyway, in my center we have at least one entire loop on the 9.5 list. Our center manager is pulling his hair out. Which is probably why several more drivers have been joining the list everyweek. 9.5 isnt perfect (I'd like to see a 8.5 list too) but we can work it to our advantage!!
  8. tourists24

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    They dont even argue about 9.5 issues around here anymore.... they just pay the grievances and move on lol
  9. no more than 9

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    What is this 9/5 list? I've never seen one in my center. Sign me up!