9-year old charged with murder


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Not enough details given. The judge saying it’s the most troubling case he’s seen isn’t a good sign though. Doesn’t seem like the kid was just unsupervised playing with Fire.
God was punishing them for living in sin and having those out of wedlock children.


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They said he did it on purpose.
Little off topic but in most states, the age of consent (for sexual relations) is between 16-18. The courts feel that a kid is not mature enough to make decisions about sex until a certain age but they are old enough to commit murder.

I would hate to see a kid's life ruined by doing something horrible like this, but if they are doing it in the first place, something is not right upstairs and maybe they need to be locked up. Do the crime, do the time.
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Children don't just act out in that way in a vaccum, they are very much a product of their enviroment. It's almost always the case that they've been the subject of horrific abuse.