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    1. Why does the union not hear grievances such as supervisors working, instead telling you that they are close to scheduling a hearing when in fact they aren't doing a thing

    2. Why does the company not pay out settled grievances?

    3. Should extra work for on-call operations be for seniority workers? When I asked the union face to face about this they said they would back the senior workers. But the company says that the people that normally work in the on call area get the first choice, regardless of seniority. Keep in mind that they don't work straight through their normal shift to on call. Most nights there is a 30min break between each. Also, on the time sheets, the on call workers have an asterix in the double shifting column. Is this not considered extra work?

    4. Any idea on what the time limit to file labor charges is? Anyone have success filing a barrage of grievances and then filing labor charges on all of them? I'm not afraid of retaliation, but is this a bad idea?

    Thanks for any help
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    I'm lost
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    To answer point #2: I see settled grievances paid frequently. Payroll issues quite a few grievance checks every day. However, the Labor Manager must submit a check request for payroll to issue the checks. Payroll processes the requests within 24 hours then NDAs the checks. Some Labor Managers have payroll send the checks directly to the centers for distribution, some want all checks sent to the Labor Manager for distribution. Couldn't tell you how long it takes for them to put in the adjustment or hand out the checks but payroll processes the requests as soon as they are received.
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    Have you talked to your union agent? Steward? WWW.DOL.GOV
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    I contacted the NLBR and they said the time frame is 6 months from the violation. I have talked to union about this, and they give me the same answers pretty much as the company ie, We are close to having a hearing scheduled hang in there!"

    Months later, no progress has been made.

    It makes me think that the union made extra contract, closed door agreements with the company to further make the situation hopeless and disconcerting.

    With supervisor's working, it's almost like the companies thinking," Well, we didn't have anyone filling on us for awhile so we thought we could get away with it." So the union stalls the grievance procedure as a sympathetic action for the company.

    Another thing I've speculated is that the company and union make concessions with each other; for example, the company agrees not to pursue people with 6 or more occurances within a 9 months, and the union agrees not to pursue all grievant complaints so long as the infraction isn't too serious, such as supervisor's taking work.

    If my hunch is wrong, then the union is just lazy and apathetic, and the company is like, "MWAHAHAHAHA":happy-very:
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    Or could it simply be considered to be one of the costs of doing business?
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    The supplemental agreements contain the local grievance machinery. There is a very clear time line that is bargained for. Some locals have not enforced this part of the agreement. I'm not sure why, but it is wrong.
    Does anyone out there know why this is the case?
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    Can you please show me the timeline that is bargained? There is a timeline that a grievance must be filed within, but nothing saying that the company must agree to pay the grievance in a timely manner. WHat happens is a grievance gets filed, the union sets meetings, the company cancels every few backing the grievances up. Labor comes in and makes small talk and argues each grievance as it would put the comapny out of business. This goes on and on and than it gets scheduled for panel where it gets held and athn deadlocked. Which now means if the grievance is worthy it starts the arbitration process.

    If you have a good grievance and UPS refuses to sign off acknowledging it, its possible that your case could take up to and even over 2 years to go through the whole grievance process. UPS does this to discourage people from filing, but most of us are lifers and can wait because we will be here when the grievance gets paid, and hopefully with penalty pay.

    I have a grievance filed for myself where UPS sent me for a fitness for duty in early September and did not pay me for the day, or at least the time I spent at the clinic. With penalty pay my grievance now is at almost $3,000 becuase they couldnt pay me 8 hours. I hope it gets dragged out for another 1 and a half, that would be about $11,500 by that point.
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    it looks like you all got some decent stewards....all our stewards are in bed with management, call in sick twice a week and sit in the office hanging outw ith management half the day when they do decide to show up

    we vote them out and let the next group of slackers come in

    and please dont tell me to step up and become a steward, i couldnt stand listening to crybabies everyday