A Decade Of Decline And Failure Must Come To An End

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  1. As FedEx Express begins a major overhaul, I'm left to wonder why this company fails to recognize one of it's biggest failures ever, FedEx Office. FedEx purchased this pile of garbage from a Mitt Romney style leverage buyout firm, CD&R. It was so easy to trick Uncle Fred and they were provided the "Exit of the Year" award for dumping this mess on FedEx. We were all amazed because FedEx could have opened 4000 shipping locations for half the price. Had Uncle Fred done this instead, he would not have sustained the hundred million dollar losses each year to compliment the 2.4BB he paid back then. The losers in FedEx Office that like to justify their worth to the brand to brag say that we bring in the most profitable packages in the entire FedEx network. However, these are least profitable because any dime the other operating companies get from these packages is promptly returned to Office due to the massive losses we occur every single year. Currently, revenue is nearly half what it was a decade ago when they bought us and that includes hundreds of new centers. The company has given up on revenue entirely and has hollowed out the staffing which has escalated the problem. The losses are piling up and there is no plan to truly fix what would've been a bankrupt company more than a decade ago when CD&R became the leaders in dumping garbage on a bloated, out of the game executive whose time has long past.

    At some point, we have to be honest. FedEx Office is not FedEx and we aren't FedEx employees. This mess has gone on too long. Right now, the only option to get this company closer to breaking even is to fix the massive payroll crisis. In order to do that, the first step must be eliminating 1,100 employees making over 60k a year. That would repair a 90MM payroll failure per year. Now, there's more that needs to done. The leadership's strategy to marginalize the company now that they see it's a total bankrupt failure is great but they are unwilling to make the required changes to move it forward. Why isn't FedEx stepping in? Maybe Uncle Fred needs should RECOMMEND that Brian D use REVENUE BEHAVIORS to really get this company CLEAN as the Windex, Clorox Wipes have done to the centers.

    The point of all this is that the failures of this fake OPCO will result in the loss of employment for the real FedEx employees. The plan for attrition won't work when sales continue to decline and the corporate printing customer doesn't exist and the retail customer is evaporating. The big upcoming news should be focused on fixing the biggest failure of this decade, FedEx Office, AKA Kinko's. We need a substantial buyout that will begin the desperately needed exodus. For the record, I'm one of the ones that does a job that should be bought out. Most of us provide no real value to the real cause (THIS IS A SHIPPING COMPANY.) When they fail to really react now, just know that every package you pick up from an Office location, costs the company more than it makes. It makes me sick that thousands of support, executive and operations management employees will be standing around surfing the internet while you are being tortured out of your real job. Best of luck to all the real FedEx employees over the next few months!
  2. Truth.
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    I hope this gets to Memphis and one of the elite read it. This entire company is severely mismanaged...and they're trying to blame the hourlies by shafting them. The problem is the top of the pyramid...not the bottom.
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    Yes-recently we saw they are standardizing management positions so expect some changes. Closing 3rd shift and couriers supervisory structure changing to eliminate SCM position. Looks like September is another crash for sales in the company, declined nearly 5%.....
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    Fedex has made some bad desissions, for instance, RPS, Flying Tigers and many more. Kinkos is just another notch in the bedpost.
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    5'6" 115 lbs? Are you a courier or runway model? Anyways, good for you at being trim and fit.

    The "changes" coming are about one thing only... Bottom line. That's all folks, profitability. Share price is what they are trying to push higher. The reason they are so tight lipped about this program is to comply with SEC rules on insider trading.

    October 9th, announcement day is when they will begin to sell the program to you, the employee. After all, change is good. Right? Lets see how much you love your company. Go ahead, cut off your right arm for Fred.

    As far as the Kinko's buy-out. It's was such a major f#ck-up that it should have cost Fred his CEO position. Instead, Ken May was sacrificed and the employee's paid for incurred losses with lower real wages and benefits.

    A big BZ to each and everyone of you.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. The only way real change will happen is when corporate leadership steps aside. Fred, the two Dave's, Legal dept. heads and board of directors have got to go.

    FEDEX is more like a religious cult then a business. Purple Kool-Aid anyone?
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    So right about Ken May. He was handed a steaming pile of crap and told to make it into a birthday cake. An impossible task, so he was thrown under the bus instead of Fred. I actually met Mr. May several times and was impressed. He walked his talk, and was genuinely interested in what employees had to say and in their ideas. Apparently, that wasn't in line with what the Gestapo had in mind, he was handed Kinko's because it couldn't be fixed, and Ken was sent packing.

    2 Billion to re-brand Kinko's into FedEx Office...and everyone still calls it Kinko's. Smooth move, Fred.
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    RPS will turn out to be one of the best decisions ever made by the company.
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    Agreed, on RPS. Flying Tigers was purchased only for their routes and facilities. This gave FedEx the access to Asia that they wanted. Kinko's was a big mistake.
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    Ken is a very nice guy, but he did start BEST PRACTICES!! Remember?
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    Yes you are right. But at the time no one thought that. Flying Tigers on the other hand made things a little more difficult because of the non union and union pilots . I believe if my memory does not fail that Flying Tigers were Union. Correct me if I'm wrong....
  12. I saw that today. It's possible they come hunting for the overpaid managers. If they standardize, no chance they keep everyone there. Sales are off the cliff and they can't sustain the bloated payroll. It's time to actually do what needs to be done, we will see...
  13. Ken May was great. He brought a positive vision and worked hard to save a failure. He was amazing. However, he had no chance to fix this. A shipping company bought a failed copy company and was unable to prop it up because it's been bloated, no one does anything and there's no reason a shipping company would do this. It's just a bad idea that was never fixed due them being too stubborn to admit they screwed up. Now is the time to fix it but we all have very low expectations.
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    Whatever Ken did in terms of BPP, it was outweighed by his business ethics. Wish he were still around.
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    Ahhh...Jeffrey Rodek. He brings back memories. Jeff and Fred had it out in Fred's office before Jeff quit. Furniture was being "moved" during the "discussion".
    That was the rumor.
    Jeff had good intentions with BP. Zero defect factory manufacturing (that is what BP was about) does not work for customer service business models. There are to many variables. Also, FEDEX management's corporate culture of document falsification (fraudulent accounting)was a non-starter. Executive management knew this from the beginning.

    Kinko's failure was about "Diworsification". Kinko's was a copy store that Fred wanted to make into a packages store. The corporate cultures clashed, customers and employees voted with their feet.

    Goldilocks. I'm not sure what BP has to do with Ken's departure at Office. Or, him not starting BP. Can you give a hint?


  16. The company tries to hide it's sales results but our sales organization is sharing that the company checked in at 87% to plan for Q1 and 95% for September. The party is over, time to turn out the lights.

    Kinko's failure was about "Diworsification". Kinko's was a copy store that Fred wanted to make into a packages store. The corporate cultures clashed, customers and employees voted with their feet.

    Goldilocks. I'm not sure what BP has to do with Ken's departure at Office. Or, him not starting BP. Can you give a hint?


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    I believe that Ken May is now the CEO of PF Changs..He really was a good one..The good ones never stay long unfortunately..
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    With UPS buying an airline FDX had to get into the ground biz. FDX should have avoided the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM CONTRACTOR THINGY WITH RPS. This will be a huge mess down the road for FDX. Does anybody really think this is over? Lets pretend FDX ground gets as big as UPS someday. Some judge somewhere in the future will rule in favor of some ground contractor (cough cough who doesnt really own anything) and the legal flood gates will open for all the ground guys caught in the FDX ground scam.

    Getting into ground was a must for FDX due to UPS getting into the Air biz but FDXs ground legal team will always be very busy fighting the ground scam.
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    You are 100% correct.
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    According to Wikipedia...Ken May is with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.